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    Re: Preparation

    Post by Kev on Sun Aug 26, 2012 2:11 pm

    Poor, forgetful Bonkers. He just nodded to what Bun-Bun said, probably scared to get the bunny angry. Kev leaned against the wall as he listened to Bun-Bun answer his questions.

    Bun-Bun wrote:"He heard it from this orange...FREAK! An orange freak told him! Bonkers, help me out! You heard the news better than I did."

    He narrowed his eyes skeptically. That sounded like the bunny was grasping at straws. "An orange freak?" The only orange freak he knew was Bonkers. No, wait, Bonkers wasn't a freak...he was just a Toon, an eccentric toon. He furrowed his brows a bit. Was Bun-Bun lying? Again? Well if he was, maybe Kev should just play along with it then. Be better than just pissing the bunny off. "Alright. I believe you both. After all, you're such good friends." Well, Bonkers really was a good friend. But Bun-Bun? He sighed, disappointed. It was looking as if maybe...he couldn't trust that bunny after all. A cure he wouldn't let them near, an invasion told by some orange freak?

    Bun-Bun wrote:"I'm suggesting that he's going to attack the city, first. It's the only place I could think of where most of the remaining population reside. Ridley may be planning to exterminate the rest of us who have benefitted from the Phazon, but we don't want that, do we?"

    "Its always the city, isn't it?" No points for originality! "Exterminate us huh?" More lies? Then again Ridley might wanna just kill everyone. "Well, we're already dying. Not much of a difference. But hey, any chance to beat Ridley's butt, I'm there I guess."
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    Re: Preparation

    Post by Bun-Bun on Sun Aug 26, 2012 3:13 pm

    Yes. Bun-Bun was a great friend, wasn't he?

    "Good. In the meantime, both of you should prepare. Especially you, Kev. Since you have muscles now, I suggest you keep them in shape."

    They were lies. All lies to a tee, but that didn't stop him. These fools would believe anything you threw at them. Now as far as recruits were concerned, the Sanctuary was pretty much emptied out at this time, which was unusual for Portal Breach, but everyone who wasn't infected was cowering in their homes, trying to prevent themselves from getting infected. Meanwhile, those who had guts or were idiots set foot into the Sanctuary when the sun is at its highest. It was one of the downsides to being a marshmallow bunny, but he was willing to take it if it meant getting followers.

    Tomorrow when the sun is at its highest, he'd take refuge in the bushes of the Sanctuary, waiting for infected prey to meet their predator.

    However, much to the rabbit's convenience - and dismay - little did he know that his once thought petty little lies would be deemed an ironic reality...


    ((This was docced by Levy, who's six hours ahead of me, but hey. At least she still kept the doc. THANK YOU, LEVY~ <33))

    The Next day...

    [18:42:17] Laharl and Flonne : *Poofs in*
    [18:43:22] Bonkers : B: *stumbles around outside*
    [18:46:07] Laharl and Flonne : "Hey, you. tiger-cat-bob." *Is now outside because why not*
    [18:46:45] Bonkers : B: *blinks at Laharl semi-irritated* Eh?
    [18:47:10] Laharl and Flonne : "You heard, right? This weirdo in orange armour said there's gonna be an invasion."
    [18:48:16] Bonkers : B: Like with Aliens? *rubs his temples*
    [18:48:45] Laharl and Flonne : "Yeah, that. She said it could happen any time in the city, and to be ready for battle if it happens."
    [18:49:58] Bonkers : B: ...battle?
    [18:51:24] Bonkers : B: *has a brain of swiss cheese at the moment, so whatever you tell him he's prolly gonna forget it soon enough xD*
    [18:52:00] Bonkers : B: *unless there is MAYBE A BUN-BUN TO REMIND HIM *shot*)
    [18:52:16] Bun-Bun : *DID YOU SAY BUN-BUN?!*
    [18:53:18] Bun-Bun : *pops out of his conveniently placed bush* What's this talk of an invasion?
    [18:53:40] Laharl and Flonne : "This freak in an orange suit said there might be an invasion anytime."
    [18:53:51] Bonkers : B: *jumps slightly because he wasn't prepared for that - there's a Pie falling on Bun-Bun*
    [18:56:54] Bun-Bun : *moves out of the way and the pie falls next to him*
    [18:58:39] Bonkers : B: *turns to see Bun-Bun and immediately stiffens* Oh gosh... hello Bun-Bun
    [19:00:17] Bun-Bun : *glares*
    [19:01:04] Bonkers : B: *backs a few feet away, grinning sheepishly* Sorry for that
    [19:08:29] Laharl and Flonne : *Yawns*

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