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    Just in Time For Disaster



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    Just in Time For Disaster

    Post by Kev on Wed Aug 01, 2012 1:55 pm

    Time: 9:45 A.M.
    Date: August 1, 2012

    A sight for sore eyes was what the cottage was. Kev's yoke carried only one bag now, the other having been the wool for Zurg. He had a skip in his step, and he was happier than he had been in a while. Visiting some friends he'd been missing had helped him a lot, and he knew who his friends were. But now it was time to return home, to the animals. Hopefully Zeke had been a good boy!

    He walked up the dirt road to his cottage and ripped the note off the door, crumbling it in his hands. He peeked his head in, and the dogs and brainbot came up to him, barking and borging happily. Kev chuckled and placed his stuff on the couch, kneeling on the floor to give them all a nice pat on the head. "Hi guys~! Daddy missed you too!" Shally was on the couch as well, and sound asleep.

    "Did you watch these guys like Daddy told you, Zekie?" Kev asked as he pet the dogs and scratched behind their ears. Zeke nodded and bowged, shaking with excitement. "Good boy!~ That's daddy's good boy~ Come on, you all get a treat! Then I have to check on the sheep and Llama and Biddy!" He lead the way, dogs prancing around his feet happily and brain bot floating around him. He grabbed out the doggy treats and gave each dog three treats. For Zeke, he grabbed a bit of metal and tossed it in the air, for him to catch and gnaw on. He caught it like a champ. "Best brainbot ever!~ Don't tell Neon!"

    Kev grabbed up some kitty treats too, and laid them in front of Shally's nose. The smell of food stirred her awake and she immediately began nibbling her treats. He gave her a stroke on the head, and he was out the door, ready to round up the sheep. He admired the sights of the grasslands, when up ahead, he saw something...rising from the ground. It was a good distance away but...it didn't bode well.

    "What in the name of the Zee Pa Nieh is that?" He asked himself, unable to move in his curiosity stricken moment. There was a sound of loud bleating and barking and Kev could see Llama and Biddy running towards him, from where the machine had appeared, followed by the sheep. "What the heck?!" As the animals ran by him and to the cottage, he did a count. Suzy, Felicia, Glen, Bessie, Lula, and Lavender...where was Mary?! "Mary?" It seems the dog and llama had missed a sheep.

    Suddenly, the metal thing exploded. Kev ducked to the ground, and when he got back up, the entire area where it had been was covered in some odd blue stuff! And in the distance, near that blue stuff...he could hear pained bleating.

    "Mary?! Come here Mary, come on!" He ran closer, but when he finally came to it, he was hesitant to walk in the area where the metal thing used to be, and where glowing blue stuff now was. "Mary! Mary! Come on Mary, you stupid sheep!" He heard another bleat and turned his head, seeing a large blue lump from where something had been pushed forward by the explosion. "M...Mary?" The lump bleated again, and he could see tiny sheep legs trying to right itself up, but the sheep had been injured by the explosion. And unknown to Kev, the blue gunk wasn't exactly helping her. Despite not knowing this fact, he still gingerly tried to pull the blue stuff off, thankfully kept from direct contact thanks to his gloves.

    "Its okay Mary, its okay. I'm not gonna let you die, you'll be fine. Can you hear me Mary? Daddy promises he won't let you die, you're gonna be okay, you'll be fine!" He reassured her, even trying to give her a few comforting pats but the sheep's only responses was louder bleatings and flailing. His attempts to pull the blue stuff off didn't really do anything besides get his gloves covered in blue gunk too. He got to her side, near her head, and stroked her head comfortingly. He didn't want to believe it, but whatever this was was killing her, or worse. And he couldn't get it off.

    "I'm sorry...I'm sorry Mary. I'm so sorry. Daddy tried..." The bleating faded and the sheep shuddered. He continued stroking her head, down her snout, his own head bowed. "I'm sorry Leslie..." The blue covered sheep went still. Kev stood back up and found a clean patch of grassland, and began to dig a hole with his hands, working hard and fast. She might have just been a sheep but tulsit, she was a damn good one, and she deserved to be buried, not left out here to rot in blue stuff. Once the hole was satisfactory, he rolled the sheep into it and covered it back up, and said a quick prayer over her.

    He looked back at the cottage, and then back behind him, where the odd glowing blue stuff was. He couldn't just leave the animals here. Tulsit, he couldn't leave himself here! But where... There was only one place Kev could think of that would be safe. If it could survive monsters, it could survive this!

    He ran back to the cottage, past the cowing sheep, and the Llama and dog that guarded them, and went out back, behind the cottage, where a buggy awaited him. He went to grab it, then realized his gloves were covered in blue. He shimmied them off so he didn't touch them, dropping them to the ground, then untied his cape and wrapped them in it. He'd clean it later, because something told him he was gonna need to use that fire to fight. He placed the cape and gloves in the back.

    Hands now safe, he grabbed the buggy and wheeled it to the front, and hitched the Llama to it. The Llama complained at first, not wanting to leave the sheep, but once Kev started loading sheep into the buggy, Llama calmed down. Biddy hopped in the buggy as well, and Kev ran back inside, returning with two dogs and a cat in his arms, and followed behind by a bowging brainbot. He hopped up in driver's seat, shoved a sheep aside so he could actually sit, then placed the animals in his hands beside him.

    "Come on Llama! I can't let all of you guys die!" Leslie would kill him!...And whoever was behind this. Kev gave the reins a quick snap and the Llama took off. Their destination of course?

    The Sanctuary.

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