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    The Time Has Come

    Pirate Lord Ridley


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    The Time Has Come

    Post by Pirate Lord Ridley on Sun Jul 22, 2012 8:26 pm

    TIME: 12:38 PM
    DATE: 23rd July 2012

    It was indeed time. Time to do what, you ask? Time to kick the citizens of Portal Breach off that pathetic rock they call a home. Glory to the Space Pirates? Ridley hated that phrase. It was actually true, but the thought of saying it aloud actually made him cringe.

    Standing atop the retractable balcony of the Rebuilt Space Pirate Mothership that was currently landed, Ridley looked down at the army of Space Pirates that were there to listen to him today. Such a force, amassed over many long years of opposing the Galactic Federation. In fact, let us not forget that half their force was actually out somewhere else in space, looking for other useful bio-weapons and any other energy sources. It was that group that had found Phazon in their home universe.

    First, there was something Ridley had to make sure. Didn't want anyone knowing about their little plan earlier than required. Hell, he'd barely gotten out of the situation with BLACKCAT and his imposter! Yes, the imposter that had stolen his Phazon. Speaking quietly into his transmitter (The one in his skull) he spoke to Science Team Alpha. "Bug check in, any little bugs we need to swat?" He asked. If it was the case where he had to delay the speech to go destroy something that shouldn't have been there in the first place. "Not that we can see. We've tried all scans and checked space twice to be certain no-one is eavesdropping, and we're good. All green, Lord Ridley."

    "Just what I like to hear." He supposed they weren't Team Alpha for nothing. "Now, time to pep-talk these Space Pirates and prepare for war." He muttered, his tone notably being one full of bloodlust. He wanted this war, and he wanted death. Not for any personal reason, nor for any reason that meant anything. He just loved death, and causing pain to others. It made him feel extremely good.

    Turning to the masses of Space Pirates, Ridley approached the edge of the retractable balcony. It had actually been built solely for the purpose of this speech.

    "Space Pirates." The Pirate Lord boomed, instantly causing silence to spread through the crowd like wildfire. "For many decicycles have we been planting Phazon underneath the surface of 'Portal Breach'! It has been perfect, and very soon will serve its purpose!" The Space Pirates hung on his every word. This was the speech they'd been waiting for for quite a while. "But the time for plantation is over! It's about time we move to the second phase of the operation, which is corrupting these bastards!" Upon hearing this line, the crowd burst into cheering and applause. The Leader could tell that they were already psyched. He just needed to claim their drive to go through with this a second time after what happened in their home universe. This time there was no Dark Hunter, right? Right?

    "Down there on Portal Breach, they expect us, the superior species of the universe, to co-exist with them! It's degrading! Since this is unacceptable, we shall take what should rightfully be ours by force." He didn't really believe that they were superior species. He was just pep-talking them. "Let it be known that in eight cycles, on the dawn of what they like to call 'The Month of August', we shall be at war!"

    All you could hear from the crowd below was cheering. Eight days... Plenty of time to track down one accursed Bounty Hunter. As he was about to mention. "With this new world, I have grown stronger. It is a world where experience earns you strength. As it stands, I currently hold much more power than that of our wretched enemy-" When the word wretched enemy passed his lips, he spat it out with severe distaste. "-Samus Aran!" He laughed. "Hahahahahahahaha! Once I strike her down before the mission, the dawn of a new age shall be on us- no, shall be upon the universe! The dawn of the Space Pirates!"

    At the final cheer, he was certain he had them where he wanted them. All was well. It was at this point that he chose to retire, turning and leaving the balcony. He had a Bounty Hunter to track down...

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