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    On The Way

    Post by Kev on Wed Jul 18, 2012 6:17 pm

    Time: 10:46 A.M.
    Date: July 18, 2012

    Upon coming home, Kev had stripped himself of his wet clothes, dried them and himself off and collapsed into bed dressed in his pajamas, into a very deep sleep. It wasn't long before the light of the day began shining through his blinds, lighting up his room and stirring him awake. He stretched and stirred, avoiding the sleeping animals that joined him in the night, and made his way to sunbath in the window. His breakfast.

    The night before passed through his mind. He had not forgotten. Harry had left them and Kev had made his decision. He grabbed a nearby piece of paper and began to write. He focused long and hard, and once he was done, he set it aside and got dressed. "Zeke? Zekey, come here." From somewhere downstairs, he could hear the brainbot's bowging, and sure enough, it came upstairs and to his side, nudging his arms. He stroked its dome.

    "Zeke, daddy's going away for a little while. I'll be back, don't worry...I just need you to do a few things while I am gone. I need you to make sure Percy, Oscar, and Shally get fed, clean Shally's litterbox, and let the dogs outside when they need to potty. Keep an eye on the sheep for me, make sure nothing gets them...feed Biddy too. And Llama...that thing can take care of itself." Hearing that Kev was going away, Zeke nudged his arms and made a whimpering sound. Kev wrapped his arms around the brainbot. "I told you Zeke, I'll be back! Not sure when though. But no longer than two or three weeks. You'll be a good boy while I'm gone, yes? Please? Daddy needs this." With a few more whimpers, the brainbot hesitantly nodded. "That's a good boy...here, go fetch." Kev grabbed up a wrench, a battered one that Zeke had left up here, and tossed it out of the room, Zeke following it and chewing on it when he finally got it.

    With that taken care of, Kev grabbed up a bag and began packing some clothes into it, along with an umbrella, and other little odds and ends he thought he might need while he was gone. Propped up on the wall was a yoke, and Kev carefully grabbed it off the wall, and attached his bag to one end of it. He walked downstairs with the yoke and scooped up a bag of light purple wool, and attached that to the other end of the yoke. He walked to the animals' food and water dishes and filled them up to the top. He walked out to the porch and grabbed Biddy's bowls and did the same. The Llama and sheep would be fine, there was no shortage of grass in the grasslands, and there was a river in the back.

    He walked back to his room, giving the sleeping animals one more pet before he left. "I'll be back guys...I promise." He took one last glance around his little room. As he descended down the stairs, he did the same for the walls of the cottage. He was going to miss this place a bit, but he needed to get out for a while. He grabbed up the piece of paper he had written on and some tape, and taped it to his front door, leaving it open as he went back inside for his bags on the yoke. He closed the door behind him, took one last look at his cottage...and walked away. Never looking back.

    Kev wrote:To whoever sees this:

    I am not here right now. I'll be back in a few days. I have some things I've got to do. If you're one of my friends, I might see you soon! If you're a robber, don't you dare rob my cottage. If you're a random stranger who got lost and happened to come upon the cottage, well then hi. If you're starving, go on in and get some food or something. In return, make sure my pets are still alive. You can't get food and tea unless you check up on my pets!

    Don't worry, I haven't left. I just need some time to see some friends I haven't seen, and a few I HAVE seen but have made promises to. I'll miss you guys, but this time will go by fast!

    Love, Kev.

    P.S. Really, I'm serious, do not rob my cottage. You'll end up on a barbecue. I'll feed you to Thomas!

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