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    Post by Kev on Wed Jul 18, 2012 2:26 am

    [00:53:34] @ Kev : ...To be honest, I don't know what to tell you. I can't even help myself. *looks back at the sky, holding her closely, rocking her a bit* What happened?
    [00:54:00] Livewire : Nepeta an' I were trollin', an' I think we made Karkat freak out.
    [00:54:43] Livewire : An' I KNOW that he doesn't like people bein' near 'em, but, I just wanted to play an' stuff, an' I didn't know he was gonna get that wigged out.
    [00:54:53] Livewire : An' then, when Sam was freakin' out, I couldn't help at all.
    [00:55:05] @ Kev : Sam was freaking out?
    [00:55:09] Livewire : But Karkat could, 'cause he's got that calmy thingy with the touchin'
    [00:55:11] Livewire : Mmhm.
    [00:55:44] @ Kev : What happened? Did she die again?
    [00:56:11] Livewire : ...uh-uh.
    [00:56:14] Livewire : It's...um...
    [00:56:22] Livewire : ...
    [00:56:26] Livewire : 'm sorry, Kev.
    [00:56:55] @ Kev : Sorry? *tilts head, confused*
    [00:57:17] Livewire : Um...Harry's gone.
    [00:58:37] @ Kev : .....*stares at her* Gone..? But....does Megsy know?
    [00:58:56] Livewire : Mmhm.
    [00:59:11] Livewire : Well, I think Roxanne knows.
    [01:00:07] @ Kev : ...*just hugs LW* I..I think, for your Karkat problem, you just have to go and apologize.
    [01:00:29] @ Kev : *Yep gonna ignore those feelings right now*
    [01:00:44] Livewire : *hugs Kev back*
    [01:01:23] Livewire : ...I dunno if it, like, means anythin', but you can come over if ya want.
    [01:01:46] @ Kev : Over where?
    [01:01:46] Livewire : 'm sure Jana an' mom an' dad would be really glad to see ya.
    [01:01:53] Livewire : To our house?
    [01:02:35] @ Kev : ...I was thinking of coming over to your house anyways. I was thinking of seeing some friends I hadn't seen lately! And especially after......yeah, I'll come over Livey.
    [01:03:22] @ Kev : Not tonight though. I have somewhere to be tonight.
    [01:06:50] Equius and Nepeta : *walks out of the sanctuary, and begins looking around*
    [01:07:10] Livewire : M'kay, Kev.
    [01:07:14] Livewire : *kisses Kev's cheek*
    [01:07:57] @ Kev : *nuzzles LW's cheek back*
    [01:08:01] Equius and Nepeta : *looks around for Livewire*
    [01:08:28] Equius and Nepeta : :33 < Livewire?
    [01:08:32] Livewire : *is just under the tree with kev*
    [01:09:00] @ Kev : You hear that?
    [01:09:04] Equius and Nepeta : *walks over* :33 < livewire? Are you alright?
    [01:09:05] Livewire : ...
    [01:09:12] Livewire : *looks up at Nepeta*
    [01:09:18] Livewire : Huh? Oh, yeah, 'm fine.
    [01:09:21] Livewire : How're you?
    [01:10:18] Equius and Nepeta : :33 < I'm good, I just wanted to know if you were alright...
    [01:10:42] @ Kev : *stands up* You two better get inside.
    [01:10:58] Equius and Nepeta : :33 < You should come too, Kev!
    [01:11:59] @ Kev : ...*ruffles Nepeta's hair* I'll be back. I have to go. Just..just real quick.
    [01:12:05] Livewire : Um...
    [01:12:09] Livewire : Bye, Kev.
    [01:13:13] Equius and Nepeta : *waves, and begins to walk back to the sanct*
    [01:13:22] @ Kev : *ruffles LW's hair too* Bye Livey. Bye Neppy. *walks away*

    Time: 1:34 A.M.
    Date: July 18, 2012

    The rain pitter-pattered from the sky, soaking him completely and making the city wet and shiny. The water washed down the streets like a flood, and Kev walked through the puddles, paying them no mind as he walked from the Sanctuary to the Inn. It wasn't...that he didn't believe Livewire. Of course he believed her. Why would she lie?

    No...no, he just had to know for himself. See, for himself. Harry COULDN'T have done that. Left, with no good bye, leaving himself, Megamind, 5, his own girlfriend. Harry had never done stuff like that. Harry was...was nice! He had always been nice to him! And Sam...he had loved-DOES love Sam! He would never leave her. Especially so soon in their relationship...he had promised not to leave, hadn't he? It had to be a mistake. Had to.

    Finally finding that building he once called home, Kev walked over, and grabbed the door, tried to open it. Locked. He cursed and pulled more, and obviously didn't succeed. Angrily though, he kept tugging on it. "Open! Open dammit! Open right now!" He glared at the door. Of course, it must be locked up late at night.

    Keeping a hold of that shred of hope, Kev backed away from the doors and focused, briefly scanning the minds of those inside, not enough to penetrate. Just enough to see who was there...he brushed over the minds again, and again. But there was no sign of Harry's unique little mind.



    Livewire was right.

    Harry wasn't here.

    He left too. After all this time together, he was gone, disappeared. Like Arius. Barry. Zippy. Hanna. Bob. Carrie. Rhys. Phantom. Vlad. Amber. Anna. Dimitri. Enna. Keaton. Minerva. Psyche. Cinderella. Re-l. Leslie. Ophelia.

    "YOU BASTARD!" He keened, to all of them. Even if they couldn't hear him. "HOW DARE YOU! HOW DARE YOU?! YOU..YOU CAME HERE. YOU CAME HERE AND MADE ME LOVE YOU! CARE ABOUT YOU! AND YOU JUST LEAVE! YOU LEAVE ME, SAM, MEGSY, EVEN 5! ...TULSIT, I DON'T EVEN KNOW IF HE'S HERE ANYMORE! I BET HE LEFT TOO, DIDN'T HE?!" 5 wasn't the only one. There were quite a few friends who hadn't been seen in a while and could have left too.

    Kev grabbed up a rock and tossed it at the Inn, aiming for a window but hitting a wall instead. Which was good, because he really didn't want to harm Link's poor inn...he'd just been holding this in for far too long. He collapsed to his knees, bitterly noting just how appropriate this stupid rain was for the situation.

    "If you were just gonna leave, you shouldn't have come at all! YOU SHOULD HAVE STAYED IN YOUR STUPID MAGIC MUGGLE WORLD! OR JUST GONE TO WHEREVER YOU ARE NOW! YOU SELFISH PRICK! YOU BASTARD!" He slumped, and tears mixed with the rain. He was quickly getting fed up with this...people leaving. They didn't just leave him. They left his friends too. Gods, how Sam must be feeling....he knew how she was feeling. The bastard waltzed in here, made her fall in love, then just left! He made friends, made BROS with himself and Megsy and 5. He made friends with Jana too, and Link.

    "I'M GONNA HAVE TO PICK UP YOUR GODS-DAMNED MESS, YOU KNOW THAT?!" He yelled spitefully. He was so sick of this. And it was his fault too..wasn't it? This was what he got for making friends with so many people. Some stayed. Some left. Almost none of them said good bye first. And for what? For what? Remembering the days Harry was here? How just a few days ago, he had made Kev felt better about Blade's alcohol incident? How, in the blink of an eye, he was GONE?

    Shuddering, Kev picked himself up, turning away from the Inn. Great, he had a fit and he'd probably woken everybody in there up. He decided to keep anything else he said in his head... Why did you LEAVE us Harry...? Why do ANY of you leave us?! What could you gain?! ARE YOU OUT THERE, SOMEWHERE, LAUGHING AT THESE TEARS?! I bet you are... Bitterly, Kev closed his eyes and rubbed at them, trying to stop the flow. If all of those gone friends WERE getting a sick kick out of this, he wouldn't abide them! Instead of stopping though, it just made him cry more.

    "I hate you..." If making friends with everyone, especially the newer members, would just come to THIS all the time, then so be it. Warp, he might have been friendly with tonight, but Bun-Bun, you were officially the last friend Kev would make. For now. Until the newer members had stuck around long enough that he'd know for sure, they wouldn't disappear.

    But...even then...they can still leave. Unfortunately..that was true. How long had Arius been here before he left? Psyche? Leslie? Keaton, even? No...length of time here didn't matter. But then how...how could he avoid this stupid pain from happening again and again and again and again? You can't. Its a part of life.

    Life was a bitch. He wiped at his face again and stood up completely, walking away now, before any curious people in the inn would come out to see what that mental yelling was about. Every friend that left just perpetuated one of Kev's biggest fears. A fear he had developed since his people and planet had been taken from him. Being completely alone.

    Luckily, he still had friends. Friends who were here. Some had been here since before him. And hopefully, they wouldn't leave too. And even if they didn't...they'd get families. Zurg, Jo, Proxy, and Lawrence. They were a family. And he loved them, but he couldn't stay at their house all the time. They were one. And he was not. Hellboy had his family. Swindle and OV had gained a family with Jana and OV. Thomas and Terra and the trolls, another family.

    I..had a family too. Once... Walking on, he bowed his head and cursed himself for this endless stream of tears. Ophelia and Leslie had left two months ago, and he was still trying to get over it. Get over it Kev, he told himself! Its not that bad, he told himself. They left a letter, they should be back! But he hadn't heard from them since that day. And everyday he came back from the shop, with only himself and Jana inside, to an empty cottage, it broke his heart and his hope. He wanted to think she'd be back. He wanted to think they'd all come back.

    He wanted to think that Harry was just playing the meanest trick in the world, and he'd pop right next to him and laugh and pinch his cheek, and say I got you bro, I'm right here!. But Kev was not as naive as he once had been. All these disappearances had seen to that. Now he understood why Tally could be so cold and bitter. Why Sonia could seem so sad. Why Zurg, despite being back, never came to the Sanctuary. After all, Zurg and HB had suffered one of the first disappearances hadn't they? Bob.

    She had returned, so briefly. And then, she left again. How they must have felt...


    Kev was reminded. He remembered how Tally and Sam had their own little trips into the wilderness or wherever, when things had happened. Kev had been planning on out. Because dammit, he deserved one too, didn't he? He lost so many friends, lost his family, lost his people, his planet, he had died painfully, twice, and this place wouldn't let him have some time to just be happy! Oh how he hated and loved Portal Breach...it gave him friends...took them away. Changed him for the better....and made him feel worse for it.

    It was decided. Kev would have his trip. But he wasn't going out to the woods or the mountains. No, he was going somewhere far better.

    To his REAL friends. All of them would be getting a visit from Kev. Harry would have BEEN one of those...except of course, now he was gone. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Pacified now, and dry-eyed-but-not-anywhere-else, Kev walked home. He had promised to be back, but he was too tired now...much too tired. When he woke up in the morning, he'd pack up and go to his first stop on his list.

    Jo and Zurg.

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