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    The I-Really-Need-L Syndrome

    Agents K and J


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    The I-Really-Need-L Syndrome

    Post by Agents K and J on Mon Jul 09, 2012 9:22 pm

    Time: 1630 PBT
    Date: June 20th, 2012

    It had been a long time - a really long time - since Agent J had seen his missing partner. He had gone high and he had gone low, he had gone to places he had never gone before, but nothing... yielded any results. Despite all the technology Agent J had at his disposal none of it was of any use. If his partner, Agent K, wanted to disappear then the man... will simply disappear. "Well, not this time he ain't..." If K was the ultimate unmovable force then J was the unstoppable counter-force. It's why their partnership worked so well, and J wasn't about to give up on his grouchy, wrinkle-ridden partner. He had too much heart to quit on someone he had come to care about. That's why Agent J had gone outside the box, see. He knew that his technology was limited as it was, even with all them doodads, so what did he do?

    "Let's see..." J reached into his pocket and withdrew a small silvery box, one with some winking lights and spinning components. It sort of looked like a Walkman, you remember those? "Now, how did L do it... She hit this - " boink! " - and then she pulled on this - " zzz! " - and finally she gave it a good whack on the side!" Clunk! Well, that's more or less how he'd seen L do it...

    Much to his delight the machine started to work and several images flashed upon the worn, sun-kissed LED screen. "Alright! Way to go Agent J!" He smiled from ear to ear. "Okay, now it's time to hack one of them ugly purple satellites... This is for dangling me over a pit of painful death, hah!" Agent J hadn't forgotten about that and with deft fingers the man started his thing. Normally hacking into alien technology was left to L, because the woman was just amazing at it, but since L wasn't here that meant J had to rely on the next best thing: himself. Take that with a grain of salt. "Come on, come one... Work for Daddy J, you piece of scrap..." It was just like playing old school Pac-Man, J maneuvering the hacking node through a series of digital lanes and binary highways. There was a really nasty anti-something running in the satellite's grid, but that was nothing J couldn't outsmart. "A little bit of magic to the left, a bit of affection to the right aaaaaaaand - " Ding! " - Oh, yeah, baby! Agent J is in the house!"

    Upon getting the access he wanted, the LED screen flashed and the little "game" was replaced by an ominous red-and-yellow 'Z'. "And that's what you get for treating me like a court jester," J grumbled before allowing himself entrance into the satellite's main commands. Only problem was... It was all in a language the Agent didn't understand! "Ah, shit..." Damn aliens and their alien tongues. And seeing how this language wasn't in the MIB database... It took all of J's might not to throw the machine upon the ground and just walk away. "Damn!" He couldn't believe it! He was this close - this close - to finding K and what happened? Damn alien letters and their stupid squiggly mocking. He couldn't hack that; he couldn't even understand it!

    "Hmm..." Think, J, think. The satellites were going to help you find K by being eyes in the sky, right? And, seeing how you can't understand a damn thing, then you already knew who could. J slowly closed his eyes and grimaced. "Aw, hell no..." he sighed. Really? Did he really have to approach that hot mess? Ugh... "K," J said to the sky, feeling sarcastic. "If you're out there, I am going to beat your wrinkly, crotchety ass when I find you. You know I am. Shoot... Making me go confront people I don't like... Damn it, K!" He should have gotten Washu's address while he could!

    Let's get this over with. J pocketed his outdated gadget and headed back towards the city, head shaking and lips pursed.

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