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    Fool's Errand

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    Fool's Errand

    Post by Prixlezub on Fri Jun 15, 2012 9:48 pm

    Time: 11:45 PM
    Date: May 24th, 2012

    Once again the demon prince was out here in the desert, the night air breezing over his armor and swirling in his grill. He would have thought it to be refreshing to be in his old stomping ground, if it were not for the fact he was fully aware of the hunt Layla no doubt was on. If he knew the demoness right, she was working to take him down before he could show any sign that he was getting better from his wounds. And with the obvious fact that she removed his stomach, the demon prince decided it to be best to scout around the desert himself. A fool's errand, yes. But one that needed to be done nonetheless. Unlike the other villains around this gamma, the prince had no spies of his own to employ, a rather fatal mistake of his greenness on this planet. A well as his pride, though he would never admit it.

    The very first place he wanted to scope out on this trip, was in fact the factory. Or at least what remained of it, as his journey soon told him. The prince looked on with surprise as he neared the crater where factory Zeta once was, the darkened sand dipping downwards into the glassed over bottom, not a single trace of machinery or the building itself remained, not even a bolt. The demon's brow furrowed, it seemed like the evil emperor had changed the direction of his work. The why of it churned about in his mind, though he further decided that it was a better use of his energy to figure out where he went instead. While he wanted to doubt that the alien wanted him around, he could not help but know that if the alien really wanted him gone, he would have ensured it to stay that way no matter what he did. The prince was not a stupid beast, he knew Zurg had the tools at his disposal to lock him away for an eternity if he wished (like that orbital canon from their first fight), but as for why he did not use them... Now that was a mystery.

    One that seriously poked at the back of his mind.

    The prince ducked his head down, sniffing the crater to see if he could find anything that could give a clue as to what had removed the entirety of the factory, though all he could find was the scent of glass and the remnants of smog. Giving a dissatisfied rumble, the prince raised his head and moved on, keeping his senses on the world while his mind went to work trying to figure out where his rival ran off to. At once, the prince figured he ran home to his planet, perhaps deciding to stay there, though he quickly squelched that ridiculous thought. If Zurg wanted to be on his planet, he would have holed himself up there long ago. There was no suspicion of the alien perhaps running away from something, knowing well enough that if he could deal with the demon prince, then he could deal with just about anyone, intimidation was certainly not the answer to his leave.

    The prince rolled through the possibilities, hauling his armored self over a dune and looking out at the darkened wasteland, surveying the area for any further changes. As he looked out there, something rolled in his mind, something that had never thought of before. The mechanic. Maybe she had something to do with it. The prince had remembered countless times where the woman seemed to play over the alien's better moods, maybe she played over his judgement as well. Maybe it was silly that he thought about where his rival had ran off to, especially after he had sent him to space of all places, but or course there was another reason besides simple rivalry that the demon was pondering over the purple menace.

    He had been involved with the demoness.

    Yes, he still remembered quite well what Layla had done, aligning herself with his rival of all things. By now though, given time to think it over, he was mildly impressed that she managed to strike a temporary partnership with him. No to mention that the alien did not seem to mind working with her at all. He would not be surprised if she enlisted his help again, though for what, the demon still needed some more thought. His feet carried him down the dunes, rolling into a trot as he traversed the flats of the area, cracked, dry ground smoking and glassing over beneath his feet. His travels brought him near the Underdome, which now was partially covered with sand due to neglect, obvious signs of break ins and vagabonds taking residence upon the sides and doors of the place. He remembered having taken that place over a while back, killing the weak owners and renovating it to his needs. Now he looked at it, trying to figure why in the hell he had taken it over in the first place. Perhaps just a lust for conquest had taken over that night, and now the place was slowly returning to the desert.

    It very much like how this place was structured. People come, they go, but everything returned to the gamma at some point. Inwardly he wondered if perhaps this place would somehow take him as well, since it seemed to take another demon who proved to be quite powerful; Ninetails. Yes, that name as old as it was, still rang true in his mind. He wished he knew what happened to the fox-demon lord, she was one of the more competent of his work partners here on the breach. And Barry, well, he was Barry.

    As he went further into the desert, a realization dawned on the prince, stopping him in his tracks for but a moment as he pondered it over. And he mentally smacked himself for not realizing it sooner. If Layla had entrusted Zurg with sending him to space, it made perfect sense why his stomach was not at the fortress then. She had taken it with her and given it to the alien most likely, and knowing him, he probably would not give it back. The demon gave an irritated sigh, smoke rolling from his grill as he turned to where he had last passed the factory. If the alien had indeed agreed to whatever terms the demoness provided, he may have even destroyed it for all he knew. Continuing to stand there in the middle of the desert, the demon began to ponder.

    What if the alien holding his stomach was simply bait for something more? He would not put it past her to get him to go after the alien, and then trip some sort of trap she laid out. Though, with how she had been acting recently, how she looked... The demoness did not exactly seem all there herself. He remembered something that had to do with what symptoms Layla was suffering, but he could not put a claw on it, not yet. The answer was there, but it was fuzzy. Despite his suspicions over the alien, there were too many things out of place to make the prince think that everything would go as it usually would. The factory being gone, his wife acting like he was an impostor and refusing to reason with him, though perhaps he had seen stranger still before he came here.

    The prince snarled, tilting his head down towards his right arm, infected blood oozing out from under the plating. Ah yes, he had nearly forgotten about that, the shaming runes. They burned and pulsed against his hide like an infection, cracking his hide all the way down the limb. Another small sigh, and the demon again realized something, whether he wanted to or not, he needed to own up to his responsibilities. And, like it or not, the alien just happened to be one of them. He had a feeling of what would happen if he saw the emperor, and he snarled beneath his helm at the prospect of having to make a deal with the alien most likely, and probably having to give up something rather important for what he wanted, probably part of his freedom. He knew the alien would more than likely try and get him to stay away from his little group, it only made sense, since the demon had nothing else to give the emperor except the security of knowing that he would not attack them. He growled again, turning to head back to the Icelands.

    Well, he did need to have a little talk with the alien anyways, might as well get everything over with in one meeting.

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