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    Contacting Rasa'Jeqkogoai

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    Contacting Rasa'Jeqkogoai

    Post by Tally on Mon Jun 11, 2012 2:09 am

    Time: 12:00PM
    Date: June 02,2012

    Tally had set everything up. It had taken several days to make all the correct calls. To make sure that Ayalah had enough help she had gotten in contact with a couple of temps. If Ayalah had use for them then she could use them, if not then she could send them away. Hopefully though she would use them, Tally didn't want her swamped with work.

    She had also arranged for Ttone to stay with Sonia. Her friend had been willing to let ttone live with her for as long as she was away, however she wasn't exactly thrilled with who she was leaving with. Honestly, sometimes Sonia just didn't get her. She would be fine. Saying goodbye to ttone had been difficult however, she rather loved the little girl. And had grown used to having her as a part of her daily life. So to live without her for awhile would be strange.

    However she had assured the girl that they would see each other soon, and that she would bring her something back from her journey.

    Now she was headed to the bulletin board. Rasa had told her that when she was ready to contact him through it. Hopefully he would be able to find her message without any trouble. Carefully, she tacked on her message and looked it over for errors.

    Dear Rasa,

    Everythings all set on my end. I'll meet you at my apartment.

    Sincerely, Tally.

    Pleased with the note Tally turned and returned to her home, in order to finish getting ready and to wait for Rasa.

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