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    Level Transfer Template

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    Level Transfer Template

    Post by Portal-X on Sun Jun 10, 2012 8:21 am

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    Something that occasionally happens, due to people dropping characters or shifting their focus on another character, is transferring levels from one character to another. This is a fairly simple process that is done exclusively between one roleplayer's characters, and no one else's. It does not involve points, though uses a similar mechanic of halving levels as the price to pay instead.

    In order to transfer levels to your own accounts, the character you are removing levels from needs to be at least Level 30. You can gift levels to another player's character(s), free of charge (without halving your levels) and level restrictions.

    Note: You are free to transfer as many levels as you want, but they are halved when transferred to another character of yours. Therefore, if one of your characters is Level 38, and you wish to make a Level 5 character Level 15, you will need to remove 20 levels in total from the first character to give 10 levels to your second character.

    Below is the template to use when making your request.
      From: *Name of character levels will be removed from.*

      To: *Name of character levels will be transferred to.*

      Amount: *Amount of levels to be given to second character.*

      Cost: *Amount of levels to be taken from first character.*

    If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask an admin or mod, or to ask directly in your request at the bottom of the thread with an out-of-character message in brackets ((usually shown with double brackets like this)).

    Just copy-paste the following code to use for your template, and you're set.

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