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    Just making sure...



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    Just making sure...

    Post by Lawrence on Mon Jun 04, 2012 7:47 am

    Time: 2:00 PM
    Date: 4/13/2012

    It had been a full week since the end of the Alpha debacle. Zurg had still not yet returned, and all the signals Lawrence had tried sending in the general direction of On-World Factory Zeta were meeting with no response. The only reason the butler hadn't actually come out to the desert and checked before now was simple: given how close they came to losing everything, he was very hesitant indeed to leave Jo and Proxy's sides.

    Again, a week had passed at this point, and Lawrence was finally curious enough to see what was going on out here, if anything. The butler used his flight systems to travel out to the Wasteland quickly and discreetly. The flight there was uneventful, and even when he got to the desert proper not much of anything stirred other than the sparse wildlife and the occasional tumbleweed. The atmosphere readings he was getting were odd as well; for some reason, the air was a lot less polluted than it was when he left the area back in October.

    Soon enough familiar sights graced his optics, like the fortress that belonged to Prixlezub, the Underdome, and the forgotten ruins of a certain pyramid. There was very little of the latter remaining as the desert and Portal Breach itself reclaimed the area. It was there that the butler stopped in midair, looking around in confusion. He couldn't see the Factory anywhere nearby! Normally he would at least see the smoke, or the towering spires of the place, but they were nowhere in sight. In the end, Lawrence resorted to the stored GPS data of the Factory's location, but what he found there was a shock even to him...

    The butler came in for a landing on a rocky outcrop that would have overlooked the Factory from afar... but now, the view was only of a massive crater in the desert. It looked like sand was still filling it in even now, though the process had likely slowed down considerably from when the hole first formed. It was as if something had swallowed Factory Zeta up in its entirety, even down to the parts of the facility that were drilled into the bedrock.

    Lawrence looked down into the crater and just sort of sighed. He expected as much, but that didn't mean he wouldn't miss the place. Still, being away for so long made the blow much softer than if he had still been tending the place the entire time Zurg was gone. An old home was lost, but that was all right... he had a new one now, after all.

    Still, there was one last thing remaining for him out here in the Wastelands. And so the butler took flight once again: this time off to the remains of another factory abandoned in the desert, to retrieve the shuttlecraft he hid there all those months ago.

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