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    The Crash

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    The Crash

    Post by Prixlezub on Wed May 23, 2012 12:36 am

    Time: 9:05 PM
    Date: May 19th, 2012

    Clear, starry skies partially blanketed the heavens of the desert biome, as the sun had still not fully relinquished ownership of its daylight kingdom as it set. Where one side was already turning a deep violet, the other was still burning rich, fiery colors. Reds and oranges cascaded about the western half of the horizon, following the setting star as it retreated behind the distant dunes, throwing its colors upon the sand. As the last rays peeked out from the other side of the horizon, the night soon began to take over for its reign, the moon already high in the sky. Various stars twinkled about, along with the now green orb of the closest planet. Now starting to implement its reign, the night bleed out the colors of the sun from the sand, replacing them with the cooler tones of blues and purples.

    Everything seemed rather peaceful here, despite the absolute battle that had been waged against the whole planet but a few months earlier. Various desert animals scurried from their burrows, spiders and scorpions, along with lizards and owls alike, emerged. All of them quite simple, concerned with their survival more than anything else. They hardly even noticed the dull glow of something entering the atmosphere, streaking across the sky like a shooting star. Well, the hardly noticed it for now. As the streak of light within the sky grew lower, it also seemed to draw closer...

    A terrible hiss of heated rock and metal broke the natural serenity of the wastelands, the few creatures that looked up in curiosity being the first to see their visitor. A strange, tumbling mass burned through the sky, smoke billowing behind it, while the roar of a rather primitive crystal engine distorted as it spun with the strange 'asteroid'. The lizards scurried and burrowed back into the ground, desperate to escape the foreign traveler from the heavens. Though of course, it was a fool's gamble to think they could hide from a burning hunk of rock with a few centimeters of sand. The strange vessel crashed into the sandy earth, a wall of sand cascading up from the crater. Though, it seemed that there were chunks of rock and metal within the dust-cloud as well. The vessel must have shattered from the force of the impact! Parts of the generator fell all around, each collision marked with a dull, solid THUMP!

    Debris and dust settled all around, the thick blanket clearing after a few minutes. The crater glowed a dull red, the sand within it already melted down and glassed over from the heat of the falling ship. Though, while most would think that whatever was in the crater had surely been dead, or at least dying from the way that the hull blew apart like as if it were made of glass, it appeared that this interstellar traveler... Was still here. A cloaked body lay sprawled out among the ruins of its ship, wearing a rather mangled skull upon its head, secured firmly with thick ropes of leather that twined about its lengthy, back-facing horns. Which in turns looked about as twisted as some of the metal that lay strewn about the ground, but just as decorated as its body,bands made from what looked to be bone curling about the large, metallic looking horns. Upon its body was a sort of cloak or perhaps a cape, mismatched and patchily sewn-together from hides of various, alien beasts, and then fastened just below its neck with leather strips that were pulled in and out of various skulls, perhaps trophies from previous hunts. Whatever this creature was, it looked about as primitive as its ship, and possibly just as much on fire.

    "Nnnghhhrrrrrrmm..." The beast growled finally, eyes flickering to life like the headlamps of a car. It gave another small groan as it shakily tried to stand up, still very shaken from its landing, but wishing to move on it seemed.

    The mane upon its back grew a little stronger, flickering a brilliant blue, though it was kept very close to the dull, crimson hide. It snarled something in a strange tongue, metal plating along its jaw glinting in the low light. Reaching a claw up, it tooled around with its ear, as if trying to pull something out...


    Was that... Was that a fish?!

    Seeming to regard the expired creature, the traveler gave a small snort of smoke from its nose before flinging it to the sands. The fish was no longer of use to it, apparently. Looking around, the creature attempted to gain some kind of bearing on its surroundings, glowing, bright eyes scanning the landscape, the heavy brows beneath its mask of bone furrowing as it tried to clear the ringing and blurriness from its head. Though its ship had been ruined, the creature had to at least be thankful that it had not been nearly as mangled as it would have been if it were smaller and weaker. A low rumble gurgled in its throat as it seemed to see something familiar in the vast wasteland, taking a small step towards it. Though, that little action forced it to halt, a pain shooting up its neck from its chest. Eyes flickering from the sharp pain, it pulled back its cloak to look down at where it was hurting, to find what looked to be plates that were bolted right into its skin, though, a few of them seemed to have been pulled and twisted from the crash, bent metal poking out from the edges of the crimson hide. The metal itself seemed to be covering a wound, as fiery blood trickled from a large patch of exposed muscle and bone, pattering upon the cooling glass beneath its feet.

    The beast said not a word as it began to forcefully remove the useless bandages, bolts popping painfully out of its hide to chime as they fell upon the hardened ground. Soon, they were joined with the twisted splints of thick, foreign metal. Finally rid of some part of what had pained him, the demon, as you have by now guessed, began to make his way out of the crater, hooves and paws shattering the natural glass beneath his feet. Instead of the crinkling of glass and debris, the soft hiss of melting sand rolled up from his footsteps, which thundered dully with the demon's weight. He took but a moment to readjust his cloak, the bones that adorned the securing cords rattling and clattering together as they were disturbed.

    Prixlezub had finally returned, and now it was time he went and talked with her. The demoness who was neither widely known, nor never heard of. His gaze focused back upon his previous direction of interest, stepping steadily towards where he knew her to be, or more, where he knew her to dwell. The demon's footsteps began to quicken with each passing moment he focused on what could be called his duty, until he was no longer walking, but cantering through the sand of the desert, plumes of smoke rolling from his grill with each exhale.

    Where there once had been a demon prince, was now only a set of slowly cooling glass footprints, leading off into the direction of a certain fortress...

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