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    Ground Control to Major Tom

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    Ground Control to Major Tom

    Post by Prixlezub on Fri May 18, 2012 4:42 pm

    Time: 5:30 AM
    Date: May 1st, 2012

    It had been nearly a year since the demon prince had landed on the small, nameless planet. At first, the very ground he had been standing on was coated in the blood of those he had so swiftly killed in a rage, which was still quite fresh despite having been drifting in space for a few months. Despite his capture and failure to absolutely turn the place into a raging ball of fire and death, the demon had managed to roll with his new surroundings. In fact, one the main things he had managed to achieve with his current exile, was sitting right in front of him...

    On this rather clear morning, the sun just peeking over the horizon, the demon prince had been making his way to a rather open space in the forest. In hindsight, it actually was the place that the demon had crashed into, that fateful day. While his metallic tomb had been a rather effective form of transport once he was tossed through a warp gate, it hardly had any means of being able to transport him back to his home. That was where the natives came in. Their little science experiment regarding the generators had opened up the means of the demon prince being able to return home. It took some negotiating with the other Elders, from both the Noslot and the Branack clans, but he managed to get them to agree to help him in his own project.

    The very thing that stood, glistening dully in the sunlight. A mishmash of both stone and metal panels, all held together with rivets and generous helpings of sap. Yes, the rather oblong spacecraft was nothing that was to be very easy on the eyes, having been built hastily within the course of a few months, between March, through April. In the end though, the demon felt it to be just as useful as any other space craft they could have given them, if this was not their first one. The very first that they had built ever. The contraption had no windows or means of steering itself really, the whole thing but a giant capsule fitted with three generators upon the bottom of it. Each of them hooked up to a rather crude looking excuse for a rocket.

    Hopefully the atmosphere would be thin enough that the demon prince did not worry about the ship falling apart trying to get out. He was never the most intelligent regarding space travel, but he figured from his long years that perhaps the nose and hull needed some reinforcement. Upon the outside and inside of the ship, one would find that the demon had indeed talked the builders into installing some thicker paneling, both for insulation and for keeping the ship intact.

    Right now, it was the moment of truth for the demon prince. His idea had been made into a reality, but would it work? Could it work?

    Rolling his cloaked shoulders, the demon walked up the ramp that lead into the large craft, turning about to witness a certain Elder running up to him.

    "Tra'Yzon!" The familiar grey elder called out, slowing as he caught up to the demon. "Here, I wanted to give you this."

    From within the folds of his cloak, the Elder held out a rather intricate looking fetish item. It resembled a skull that belonged to a small animal, covered in tribal carvings that were dyed with a sort of bright yellow and red pigments. Through the eyes, the was a string made of sinew that was strung through it, rib bones with a similar amount of intricate carvings lined up and threaded though with the tough string. Flad'Nag unclasped the backing of it, holding it up to the demon as he looked down at him.

    "It is a charm of clairvoyance." He explained, moving a bit closer as the huge demon lowered his masked head. "Let it guide you back to your home, my friend. As it had guided me many times."

    Prixlezub allowed the Elder to slip the fetish over his rearmost horn, the bones clattering and chiming as they settled alongside the bracelets of vertebrae that the demon was already wearing. Though a younger demon may have found the trinket to be rather disgusting, he graciously accepted it. The demon prince lowered his head to the Elder's masked face, leaning forward to gently nuzzle the native's face. He would miss the Elder when he left. Though hopefully they would remember him by with all the innovations he inspired them to make.

    "Thank you, my friend." The demon rumbled, keeping his face lightly pressed to the Elder's chest for a few moments. "I will never forget all that you have shown me, all you have taught me."

    "And we will never forget you, Tra'Yzon." The other replied, patting the skull that rested upon the demon's head affectionately. "May you find your home among the stars, and may you find closure with your mate."

    "And may you retain as much wisdom and clarity for the years ahead, Flad'Nag." The prince rumbled, giving him one more nuzzle before pulling away, the demon standing to his full height.

    He had learned many things while on this jungle infested rock, and now, it was time for him to return home. The demon prince gave one final nod to the Elder before entering the large ship, pulling the door up behind him and sealing it shut with a blast of his fiery breath. What air there was in here, the demon would have to manage on the way home. This craft had nothing to provide oxygen to the large, wounded demon either. Hearing the muffled yelling and commands that the Elders were giving to the natives outside, the demon prince simply curled up in his little tin-can, and started to drift off to sleep. As he saw it, he would most likely wake up on his home planet if he had figured the trajectory of the craft right.


    Outside, the countdown began, small groups of the natives running up to the generators to place the crystals that would power the mammoth devices. Their block-like, archaic shapes gave the air of some great, mystical power that lied within the power-packs for the rockets, which were crafted out of a thick obsidian and layered with metal insulation. There was a mad bustling about as each of the squads put in the last crystals, all of them running away and warning others to take cover.

    All at once, the generators began to hum loudly, the droning sound buzzing within the ears of the primitive beings as the machinery powered up. The lines that connected to the rocket glowed red and rippled with otherworldly heat, thrusters beginning to ignite and flicker to life.







    The rockets had ignited to their full power, pushing and heaving both the craft and their load into the sky. At first it seemed rather slow, the size of the ship belying its potential speed, though slower than most spacecraft on Portal Breach. The flames seared the ground, glassing over the once dark earth into a shimmering, heated glass as the rocket began to ascend to the heavens. While outside the craft seemed to be rather sturdy, the panels shuddered from the force of the rockets defying the planet's gravity, shoving the elongated vessel higher and higher.

    Tkaing shelter within the canopy of the forest, the four Elders watched as the spacecraft, and Tra'yzon, soon became a small dot upon the horizon, their work finished as the demon prince began to breach the atmosphere, the vessel createding a rather large boom as it broke the sound barrier thrice over. And then , it began to break the barriers of the planet, the vessel shuddering and shaking as it fought through each layer of the atmosphere. The nose of the rocket turning a brilliant white, flames erupting off of the planeling that began to glow white hot from the heat.

    Though, the fight to break free was luckily only a tussle that lasted a few minutes, as the demon, asleep within his rather primitive spacecraft, was finally on his way back home.

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