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    A Message?

    Post by Pirate Lord Ridley on Mon Apr 02, 2012 7:42 pm

    Time: 8:23pm
    Date: 30/03/12

    "A human?! How the hell did you get on there?" A panicked Space Pirate Commander growled, looking up on the hull of the Mothership. What was this thing preaching? "A glorious end comes and with that a new beginning?" He was very shocked. Firstly, how did a human get up there... Up HERE in the first place? Especially with all technology down. Heck, they had Mother Brain and Weavel as the only working pieces of technology on the planet and even then they had only their vital equipment. Secondly, why was the human preaching? You get on the hull of the Space Pirate Mothership... and talk of a the end?! Who were you, the Dark Hunter?

    "A glorious end comes, and with that a new beginning. A reformatation...?" Mother Brain muttered. "It is time... I finally understand what that means. And this is happening to the entire universe. With technology down, we're helpless. All I can do is control the wildlife and bioweapons to make them docile. We're going to have to hope that wherever Ridley is, he can sort this out." The giant robotic Brain that controlled the planetary defences was correct, it was indeed up to the Space Pirate Leader, Ridley. Well, him and the other citizens in the Breach...

    After Castiel's form disappeared, the Space Pirates were in complete disarray. "The end is nigh!" One shouted. It wasn't long before a voice tore through the air. "SILENCE!" The Pirates obeyed and looked over to see the cyborg Space Pirate Bounty Hunter, Weavel. "You fools! You listen to that human and fall into complete and utter chaos! All is not lost! We have the Cunning God of Death on our side, we cannot lose!" Weavel was just trying to boost the morale, to put an end to the talks about the 'end of the world'. "Also, we have Mother looking over us! Our bioweapons are mostly still as functional as we wish them to be!"

    Suddenly, everything changed. "Yeah... Yeah! He's right!" Space Pirates all over the place began to realise that they had been quite gullible. They were really panicked, who could blame them? But bit by bit, they mobilized. They stood in an organized group, and awaited further orders.

    They were even more united now than they had been before Castiel's message.

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