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    A Moment Of Serenity

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    A Moment Of Serenity

    Post by Pirate Lord Ridley on Sun Feb 05, 2012 7:21 pm

    Time: 9:00pm
    Date: 05/02/12

    Today was a very strange day. Ridley felt incredibly calm, unlike the days where he was acting sadistic and evil. Whilst his appearance was still intimidating to random parsers-by, he held no malicious intent towards anyone today. "Sigh..." He didnt sigh very often, possibly because he had no need to breathe- Ridley could survive without air. He felt especially odd that after such a hectic day he could feel so... Not bothered about anything. Samus Aran, his arch-nemesis, had downed a grand total of three Space Pirate Frigates into the Sea of Simulation today. Her whereabouts were currently still unknown, and video footage revealed that everything alive on board the frigates had been dead before the frigate even reached the planets gravitational pull. Aran had become more of a problem lately, destroying every Space Pirate Vessel she came across, and now cargo transporters were quaking in their boots at the very thought of going out in case they ran into the Bounty Hunter. Ridley knew that eventually he would be forced yo engage Samus again in combat, and that the next time it happened it would be to the death. The thing was, he didn't care. If he killed Aran, then great. If she killed him, he'd just be revived. There was nothing to it. It was a permanent cycle of death and reviving, but eventually the dragon would kill her.

    To walk straight through the middle of the park right now meant that meeting Ridley was inevitable. The Pirate Lord was sat on the grass, thinking to himself. His thoughts were random ones, like the battle in the Icelands, to the spar with Megamind in Norfair, to the extermination of the Argorok in the Mountains. He loved to fight. Fighting was one of the most enjoyable activities on the Breach, Ridley found. No matter how much you tried to stop him, this beast would always fight. But not this evening. The tranquility of the park really helped add to the serene feelings that Meta-Ridley felt right now. He also thought back to his problems. He was the last member of his race. There was no changing that; he had been so back in his universe, and he was now. The difference was, he was no longer alone in this feeling. Many individuals here were the final member of their race, such as Megamind for example. But whilst Megamind had a fiancé, Ridley's personality would prevent him from ever doing so. Not that he was looking for love, because he wasn't. The thought that when you die, your race dies with you... It isn't a particularly nice thought. Meta-Ridley had to be thankful that hehad the Pirates; when he died for whatever reason, they would revive him using technology. It was also good that you chose your aging process here, but Ridley was far more likely to fall in combat.

    The Pirates had technology superior to pretty much everyone. If anyone had technology that could trump a black-hole cannon, then they were the winners, but it was highly unlikely. Their universe was one of the most advanced universes in the entire multiverse, and what with the Chozo being unable to go any further in technology, it was possibly THE most advanced universe in the multiverse. It was just a shame that Aran had a piece of Chozo tech as her battlesuit... There wasn't much chance of beating that in a fair fight. All these thoughts of this sort of thing brought Ridley's mind to what he'd been told by P-1 over communicator about the event on Jigrad. The Planet Jigrad had been such a useful planet... If only Aran, Mauk and Kreatz hadn't been on hand to retake it for the Galactic Federation. Apparently Aran had started the counterattack due to not wishing to see a young girl executed due to being too short to pass through the Space Pirate tripwire. That girl... Damara... She had turned into a Galactic Federation Fighter Pilot, one that led others. And unfortunately for the Pirates she had been a damn good pilot. Ridley seemed to have a bad habit of making skilled enemies like that. What happened on Star Colony K2-L... The entire population had been massacred, save for the one that would grow up to become the Space Pirate's greatest foe: Samus Aran. Her mother and father had been bastards too, giving up his own life to ensure the Space Pirates didn't get the Afloraltite that they had been after... Afloraltite was such an explosive material. When Rodney Aran shot it, he'd not only destroyed the objective of the Pirates but he'd caused Ridley to be incredibly irritated too, as well as the explosion bringing down what was the Space Pirate Mothership at the time. It had been then that Ridley had met... Samus Aran, aged 3. He remembered it all too clearly, her asking him to be her friend because the Chozo had said that she should try and befriend more beings rather than being scared all the time. She had been muttering constantly 'I'm not scared... I'm not scared...' too. To prevent himself becoming a laughing stock, Ridley had breathed in deeply to incinerate her with fire breath. She had been too cute, it was dusgusting. Then her damn mother had intervened, pushing her out of the way and as of such Samus had seen her mother, Virginia Aran incinerated to death in front of her very eyes. That probably stayed with Samus, and may be the reason she went after them so often.

    Bow that he thought about it, Ridley had taken away everyone that Samus Aran ever cared for. Virginia Aran and Rodney Aran in the invasion of K2-L for the Afloraltite. Her foster parents Old Bird and Platinum Chest during the taking of Zebes. Her commander when she was in the Galactic Federation Police, Adam Malkovich whom she saw as another father figure had been killed during the events that transpired on the Bottle Ship. The only ones that Ridley hadn't killed or caused the death of somehow were Damara, Mauk, Kreatz and Mother Brain. Yes, Mother Brain used to be good friends with Samus before she had joined the Space Pirates at Ridley's offer. In fact, Ridley taking all this away from her was probably what caused her PTSD in the first place. It had only struck her twice, firstly on Zebes when Ridley had mentally scarred her so badly that she ran back to her friends screaming 'KILL ME' and the second time on the Bottle Ship where she'd been completely immobilized by fear.

    Oh, how Ridley and Samus had such a past, their destinies and fates forever interwined...

    Snapping back from his thoughts, Ridley looked around. The moon was out, shining down on the ground of the City Park. The stars helped too, twinkling away, each one holding a different story. The mood here was so beautiful, Ridley didn't move. The wind blew lightly, the breeze being felt on the fleshy parts of Ridley that weren't at all mechanical, and the cyborg dragon looked left and right. Although it was dark, he could see fairly clearly, and his different visors helped his vision indefinitely. The noise of an owl hooting could be heard too.

    But that was quickly drained out by the sound of someone approaching. Ridley swiftly and quickly turned his head, looking in that direction.

    Approach all you want, this cyborg dragon isn't hostile tonight.

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