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    Post by Tally on Sat Jan 28, 2012 8:52 pm

    Time: 12:05
    Date: 01.28.12

    The library was a place that was steadily becoming more and more familiar to Tally. She had not yet been there enough though to know where everything was. To say the library was big was an understatement. It was extremely big, housing books from all the dimensions of the citizens. Or so those who worked there said. After having an assistant explain the shelving system Tally haphazardly navigated her way to the science section of the library. It was an extremely large section, filled with all sorts of books on the studies of science.

    The horticulture section was what interested her today, she was going to be researching the plants that Harry had come looking for. Some of the plants he was looking for she had managed to hear of while others she had not, and the list was a long one. However Tally had only marked the ones on the list that she was absolutely sure she had seen somewhere on her travels. If she managed to come across others while she went out hunting then she would let Harry know, however for now she had to focus on what she actually knew made it to Portal Breach.

    The book she wanted was always just almost out of her reach, thankfully she was still tall enough to reach it. Pulling it off of the shelf Tally sat down and got to work. From her bag she pulled out her maps and the list Harry had given her and began going through the list. Checks were made and x's were put down as she went through the index of the book. Oh yes, it would be very tricky indeed to get all of the plants that Harry wanted. Some that were here were incredibly poisonous, and had to be harvested and stored with extreme care. Others were very delicate and would most likely die before making it all the way back to the city, some were just grew in ridiculous places. Fifth chamber of a volcano? Really? What sort of plant grew in the fifth chamber of a volcano? She made another mark and kept at it, writing down descriptions and ideas for harvesting and transportation in her notebook. She hoped Harry would appreciate exactly what she was going to put herself through to get all of these.

    Fifth chamber of a volcano. Dear god.

    Tally made another mark on her maps with her sharpie and went to the next plant name on the list. Multiple trips would have to be involved no doubt, there was just no way someone like her could transport all those plants back to the city, especially the more delicate ones that required the up most care in moving. Then there was the matter of storage, her apartment could work...maybe. Ttone was living with her now, she didn't want the younger girl to get hurt by accidentally touching the wrong sort of plant. Not to mention Lenny, that bastard cat would probably sit on the more delicate ones just to spite her.

    Fat and furry bastard that he was.

    Tally made another mark, and that was the pattern she kept up for a good hour or so. She'd refer to the list, then the book, the she'd make notes and ideas and put them down in her notebook, and then finally she'd mark down the possible locations on her map. Her map looked like someone had just taken red dots and thrown them at it. Plants of all sorts scattered all over the place. What a mess. Oh well, the business was good.

    When finally the last mark was made Tally stretched and checked the time. She'd been in the library hunched over that book for little over two hours. And damn could she feel it, standing up she stretched out her muscles and popped her back. That out of the way she put the book of plants back on the shelf and packed up her things. This would take a lot of planning, not to mention she was going to have to ask sonia if she could watch ttone on the days she was going to be gone longer.

    Tally shouldered her bag and began moving down the aisle of books, leaving the horticulture section behind her and moving the the rest. Chemistry, physics, genetics, biology...wait. Tally paused and backed up to look up at a book that had caught her attention out of the corner of her eye. 'Human Biology' , the book said. Looking at the rest of the books Tally came to the realization that she must have stumbled upon the section where all the books concerning the biology of the different species existed. Reaching out tally plucked the human biology book off of the shelf. She flipped through, it covered the basics really. The difference between man and woman, the skin, the bones, the organs, the sexual organs, sexual reproductions. Blah blah blah, everything she already knew. Tally shut it and read the cover one more time before putting it back onto the shelf and then took the book next to it down. She flipped it open and was surprised to find that she couldn't understand any of it. Flipping through it Tally found that it was completely written in a language she had never seen before. Tally shelved it and reached for the next book, that book also was written in a language she couldn't understand. Why were all the books beside her own written in another language? It took tally a minute to figure it out. Just like the library said, the books in it were from the worlds that the citizens came from...which meant that they were also written in their native language. That made a lot of sense actually.....

    Tally began moving along the shelf in interest. All sorts of species were on it, who knew that so many species existed on Portal Breach. The demon section was huge. As was the human section, actually, all the sections were huge. Apparently biology was a very important area of study for several species. Tally began to move down the shelves alphabetically, it took quite a long time to get anywhere with so many books but she eventually walked the length of it. The "S" section made her stop and pause....hadn't Rasa said his species began with an "s?" Sangheili? Or something along those lines. She imagined that somewhere a book on his species biology probably existed on the shelf...did that mean other forms of his species literature existed in the library as well? She'd have to tell him to look into it, he might be happy to know that there was something from his world that managed to survive.

    Speaking of Rasa got her thinking of the last time they had spoken. He seemed perturbed by the fact that she said that her name had meant nothing, and to be honest, she didn't think that it did. Still, looking again couldn't hurt...right? Tally approached one of the library workers and asked where she could find books relating to human names. The assistant was more than happy to point her in the right direction. Tally pulled out the newest looking book and began going through it. Just as she thought, there was nothing for Tally. There was a Tali though....could that be it?

    Hebrew, and a girls name. However the name seemed to be missing a meaning, it just referenced another name, Tal. Which was a boy's name. Tally flipped to the boy's section and scanned for the name. Ah, there it was.

    Name: Tal
    Gender: Male
    Meaning: Dew

    Dew? Tally blinked at the name, it could be fairly possible that the female version of the name had been adapted and changed over the years. Tally and Tali were very close in pronunciation.....so her name meant dew...Well, that was not really special at all. Kinda disappointing actually. Oh well, you couldn't win them all. Tally shelved the book again and headed for the exist. She was going to have to do a lot of planning in order to collect everything for Harry. Unless someone stopped her for something she was out of here.

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