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    Position open

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    Position open

    Post by Tally on Fri Jan 20, 2012 2:28 pm

    Employer: Tally Stevens.
    Position: Shop Assistant
    Type of Job Plant Caretaker, cashier runner, store watcher
    Hours: Hours can be adjusted based on a persons schedule. This is a full time job however.
    Wage: 8 credits an hour.
    Number of Openings:1
    Duties include being able to feed and care for the many types of fauna that are sold and grown in the store. This includes feeding some of the more carnivorous ones. Running the register, and watching the store are also a part of this job.

    - Must be able to lift at least 20 pounds.
    - Must be able to keep limbs from being devoured.
    - People skills are also a plus.
    How to Apply:

    Applicants may set up an appointment for an interview at the Little Daisy Flower shop in the Rosewater Mall. http://www.portalbreach.net/f112-the-little-daisy

    Tally looked over her sheet. Somehow she doubted that she'd be getting any biters for this job, but it was still worth a try. After all, you never knew who would be interested in working with plants. Even if those plants could take off your arms. Pinning the sheet to the bulletin board she headed off again. She had some flowers that she needed to tend to.

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