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    Solitary Confinement

    Aya Valentine
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    Solitary Confinement

    Post by Aya Valentine on Mon Jan 16, 2012 10:21 am

    Here it was, the Icelands.

    Beyond the mountains, which was the destination she had given to s few of her friends for her "extended vacation" when in actuality, she wanted to have far more seclusion than just going to a resort. Initially of course she had planned to go to that Spa but after trudging home and packing a bag she didn't feel like being near people anymore. Aya thought back to a recently returned Tally who asked if she would come back after she left. It was obvious to what Tally had meant , but as figured, the vampire had no will to leave forever, it would hurt far to many people and that was one thing she would never be able to live down.

    So there she was in freezing desert, walking into it aimlessly, unaffected by blustery winds and the freezing snow underfoot. It was mostly silent here, the winds howled, but there was no talking, no drama, no people, no worries. Perhaps this is what peace felt like? Who knew, Aya hadn't known peace in so long nor had she known true solitude; it was truly something to feel for once. She could spend so long here, but how long did she really plan to spend here? A week is what she told people for her to be gone, but was that long enough? Maybe or maybe not but the chances of being looked for at the spa were low. And even if they did come and try to find her at the spa, she just wouldn't be there, gone without a trace. A vampire's true skill at the very least, to up and vanish whenever they so pleased with no form of normality.

    No normality.

    Another laughable thing that Aya hurriedly clung to in the past few months. People, a daily life. It made her like any other human, she worked, she socialized, she ate, no fed and slept. The better part of two years doing this, repeated continually and it wasn't the life a vampire led. Then again what kind of life had she been leading up till this point? A foreign thought that twisted down to something else. The kind of life she had been living was the one of a observer, a watcher not a do-er.

    Aya had watched time go by.

    Two years come and gone in the Portal Breach. Two years away from her original dwelling and two years that she had become someone different.

    Watched things change.

    New lands, new people, new everything. Chaos, terror, insanity.

    Observed people go away.

    Her makeshift little family, some friends, foes, unknown people.

    Aya exhaled, watching the wind whip across the ground, tossing snow about the ground and sometimes into the air. She could let all these thoughts go, eventually, throw them to a river of forgetfulness and become someone else. She hadn't any idea how to change or even if that was what she wanted.

    Then again, when did she know what she had ever wanted? What did she want? Always catering to others rather than her self.

    'I am selfless, I never want to do anything for my own benefit or desires.' Aya thought to herself as she continued deeper into the reverie of self. It was true and it was something she had been told over and over again. 'Aya you are too caring for your own good.' or 'Aya why not do something for yourself once in a while? It wouldn't kill you, it would be good for you.' But as much as she wished to be selfish, she found that she couldn't, she wanted to make others happy, so that they wouldn't suffer. As a being whose suffering was often a mixture of external and internal is was strange. Aya was good, Aya had morals, Aya had humanity. Aya also had barely any will for herself as well.

    It was clear that being in this place would do her good. White and gray, too bland yet calming colors. This place, untouchable by normal means would serve as a place for her to sort out herself, and everything that plagued her now, and she didn't care how long it would take. The cold tundra, with the snow and snapping wind was her home for now. With that she continued trudging deeper into the plains of snow, focused in her now laid path.

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