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    The Tech-Dome

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    The Tech-Dome

    Post by ISOs on Mon Oct 03, 2011 3:28 pm

    buy it, use it, break it, fix it; trash it, change it, melt--upgrade it

    Out in the middle of the wastelands, rusted and worn, sits the Tech-Dome. A grand, imposing building, it towers into the sky as a great hangar-like complex, long forgotten decades ago by the owners of the place, though for what reason is unknown. Outside , the walls are rusted and sun-bleached, the ages-old paint curling and flaking off of the metal paneling. Years of sand blowing up against the side of the old dome has blasted the paint away in most areas, revealing sand-blasted tin and iron siding. Along the top are various, clouded, small windows that let in light, though some of them are broken or cracked from rocks being tossed about by stormy gusts. Parts litter the sand, rusted and disowned, partially buried by dust and dirt as well. The shade that the Tech-Dome gives off during the day allows for the company of small lizards and animals that wish to escape the heat of the desert sun.

    The domed roof, which gives the Tech-Dome (part of) its name, is just as old and worn, the paneling cooked and bleached from years of sun and sand beating down on it. A few holes litter the top of the building from age, and various small ventilation ducts lay open to the air, dusty from lack of maintenance. Recalling back to when the place was a working factory, a couple of exhaust stacks sit sooty and blackened, towering into the air from when they were used to give off the various waste products of the factory machines into the air. However, every once in a while one can see a few plumes of smoke rise from their depths....

    Two huge doors lead inside the old Tech-Dome, leading the way into a great assembly plant, filled with rows and rows of conveyor belts flanked by old robotic arms. These old rusted hulks sit still are functional, but only to those who wish to put time and effort into repairing them. The atmosphere is quite dark despite the broken windows and holes in the roof of the dome, partially hiding the mess of old wires, tubes, and parts lying about inside. Though if one is savvy enough, they will be able to find the bins of old, unused materials lying about near the back. Various panels lay broken into on the walls, with old wires hanging down like vines. If one were to look inside, they would see that the insides are somewhat bare from looters salvaging spare parts from the decrepit building. Perhaps if someone were to dig back far enough though, they may be able to find something useful. Huge pipes that house some of the more vital cables snake up the walls and onto the ceiling, though their origins go down to the generators found in the basement of the huge factory.

    farther back, behind the assembly lines, an old, rusted stair case leads up to the control rooms, most of them being fairly outdated and worn from years of neglect. most of the control rooms look like this, with a few differences here and there between dials and switches. farther back on the control level, there is a surveillance room. The screens on the televisions are quite dusty, and a few of the screens have been removed and the innards gutted by scavengers looking for cheap parts. Farther down the decrepit halls, paint peeling and dust gathering on the old linoleum, is a door that leads to the master control room, fairly derelict in itself from being scavenged for computer parts and other electronic equipment. However, a row of computers sit off to the side, possibly used for calibrating and mass-programming the equipment to build whatever the factory had once created at one time. They look quite useless now, dusted and dis-shelved from years of no use or care. The other doors in the hall seemed to be locked or chained shut, the original owners perhaps hiding more important equipment from prying eyes, or perhaps they are simply lounges and meeting rooms.

    Back down at the assembly part of the factory, near the staircase that leads to the control rooms, is another door that leads farther back into the Tech-Dome. It is chained shut as well, though if someone were to put their ear up to it, they would hear the faint sounds of machinery growling and groaning away. As for what that is, it is the sound of the automated assembly lines, still active and functional despite the absence of owners or workers. This part of the Techdome is handled by the robotic arms and machinations, dusty and old, yet still quite functional as they have proven over the years, continuing to build what the factory was originally built for:


    It is quite dark here as well, with only a few shafts of light beaming in from the holes in the ceiling, though the blinking lights from the automatons light up the dark like little crimson stars. Their many little optics focus diligently at the job at hand, never stopping, and never resting. Though, perhaps if their programming were to be messed with, they would be able to do more than just build and repair robots, as theirs original owners demanded of them.

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