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    Planet Zebes

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    Planet Zebes

    Post by Pirate Lord Ridley on Sat Sep 17, 2011 10:54 am


    Planet Zebes is a planet bigger than Earth. It is 4.8 trillion teratons in mass, and as a result, the gravity on it is intensified. To be specific, the gravity on Planet Zebes is 865.5 times more intense than that of Planet Earths. It was formerly the second planet in orbit around the star FS-176, and in being so close to the sun it was considered unremarkable until Space Pirates made it a base for their forces. Its atmosphere is oxygen, and its crust is made out of Urthic Ore, perfect for building large structures on the surface of the planet. It is pronounced 'Zeb-es'.


    Crateria Theme

    Crateria is the surface of the planet, and is 'a bleak and rocky area constantly drenched with acid rain'. Life forms that have not got the proper defenses or have not adapted to the harsh conditions will have serious trouble surviving here. The acid rain here is intense; in fact it can burn through the hardest metals. There are a few caves here that lead to wildlife; usually Zoomers or Geemers, but there is the occasional swarm of Kihunters. Beware the depths of the Crateria caves; it is rumoured that if you travel too deep you will come across the hostile Chozo Guardian Statue, the Normal Torizo. There is two elevators here; one leads to the ruins of the first Tourian, the second leads to the deeper caves known as Brinstar. At the far end of the Crateria lake, you will find the entrance to the haunted Wrecked Ship. Also links to Maridia and Tourian via cave entrances, and Chozodia via on-land entrance.


    Brinstar: Rocky Area Theme
    Brinstar: Jungle Area Theme

    Brinstar is a vast network of caves and tunnels that take one around beneath the surface of the planet. There are two parts of Brinstar; one is a rocky assortment of tunnels with the occasional pit of acid, and the other is a lush, green, underground jungle. In the rocky area, one will regularly stumble upon all the wildlife found in Crateria, and could be assaulted by the lethal beast Deorem at any time, because it is a roaming creature. Also found in a big acid pit somewhere inside this area is the destructive monster Mua. In the natural maze that is Brinstar, once you get in you may have trouble getting out. Inside the jungle that is the deeper part of Brinstar, there are creatures everywhere, natural spikes and predators, and in this jungle you will find Kraid, the 120ft tall Space Pirate Enforcer and Ridleys partner. Links to Norfair, Crateria and Maridia.


    Norfair Theme
    Lower Norfair Theme

    Norfair is an area extremely deep in the planet, perhaps a magma chamber for the planet. It is filled with acid, lava and hostile creatures that will attack on sight. These creatures are usually hard to hit back; most can survive in the lava itself. Down here, you will find a few Space Pirate crafted areas and the mighty creatures Imago, Crocomire, and deep enough is the almost-unstoppable advanced version of the Normal Torizo, the Golden Torizo. The Space Pirate Leader, Ridley himself is quite often seen down here. Links to Brinstar.

    Wrecked Ship

    Wrecked Ship Theme

    The Wrecked Ship is a haunted vessel that is said to have brought Zebes' first civilization to the planet; the Chozo. As the name states, it is the ruined remains of a spaceship. Enter at your own risk; the ghosts in there know no mercy and the feared high ranking Space Pirate Phantoon is certainly no pushover. Phantoon lies deep in the wreckage, and the bottom half of its body is said to be in another dimension. It is invunerable when its eye is closed. There are ruined electric structures all over the wrecked ship; get careless and you may just get a nasty shock to alert you to your surroundings.


    Upper Maridia Theme
    Lower Maridia Theme
    Maridia Floor Theme

    Maridia was once part of Brinstar. There was an unknown incident that caused that section to completely flood, creating Maridia. As you would expect, Maridia is completely covered in water. There are but a few patches of sand where it isn't, and those are quite hard to get to. If you enter here unprepared, be ready for an untimely death due to drowning. Not to mention the entire section of the planet is brimming with aquatic wildlife. If you travel deep enough into Maridia, you will find a structure previously created by Space Pirates and unbelievably weak versions of Metroids, known as Mochtroids that were discarded by Space Pirates after they became the failure of an attempt to breed Metroids more quickly. This is the home of the High Ranking Space Pirate Draygon and the strong enemy Botwoon.


    Chozo Ruins Theme
    Chozo Ruins Test Theme: Before Test
    Chozo Ruins Test Theme

    Chozodia is the last ruins of the Chozo. The Chozo were the most advanced life-forms in the universe. They were so advanced, it was literally impossible for them to get much more advanced. The problem was that they could not attack others without harming themselves, due to a trait of their species; any damage they did would be inflicted onto themselves also. Inside the ruins are a number of Space Pirate alarm systems, as well as the entire place swarming with Pirates themselves. Deep inside the ruins are lava, and if you go to the furthest you can go you will come across the Legendary Chozo Ruins Test that once beaten, allows you to gain the Chozo Battlesuit that Samus Aran has.


    Tourian Theme
    Mother Brain Theme
    Mother Brain Second Form Theme

    This is it. The base of Space Pirate operations on Zebes, Tourian is home to more Space Pirates than you will find anywhere else on the entire planet. This is the place where they breed the deadly parasite called the Metroid, (Which is a Chozo word; it translates to 'Ultimate Warrior') and genetically engineer bio-weapons for their own misuse and criminal acts. The artificial intelligence that controls Zebes' defenses, Mother Brain lies here. She is not easy to damage however; Mother Brain is protected by a large variety of weapons and guardians, such as Rinka, Ring Beam Units, and Cannons that fire at any unauthorised being that enters. There is also lava surrounding her that being hit by the various guardians could push you into.

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