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    Importing Planet Zebes to the Breach

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    Importing Planet Zebes to the Breach

    Post by Pirate Lord Ridley on Sun Sep 11, 2011 5:16 pm

    Time: 9:40pm
    Date: 11/09/11

    Space. The vastness of space. Uninhabited in many areas, it was extremely empty unless you looked at the high amount of suns and planets that thrived. Portal Breach's space above the Breach itself was covered by quite a few planets, and a sun too. Like almost any sun, and it would be many, many cycles before the sun expired.

    "Aero." A voice cane from the limitless darkness, being distorted because it was in fact, space around the being talking. Nonetheless, the voice went through the transmitter perfectly, and reached its intended coordinates. "Yes, Lord Ridley. I received the generator not long ago. I had expected it from you, it was surprising, if I may say so, Lord Ridley." Aero had been shocked himself when it hadn't been the Geoform 187 arriving, but other beings that had given him a generator of sorts. Ridley had messaged him not moments later, and explained to him exactly what to draw out on the map of Portal Breach's space that they had made some time ago, in the old Icelands Base. "I am going to assume you have not failed me, and the circling route does not collide with any others on the way. Because if there are any errors, I shall drop you in a pit where you can be the Metroids next meal."
    "There are no errors. I am positive of that."
    "Good. I shall be back on the line in just a moment, you will wait for me."

    Ridley, floating in the darkness, then began speaking, presumably on a different line. "Do you understand the operation? You arriving here is priority, Mother." Anyone who could hear (Not that anyone could) would make the assumption that the Commander was talking to his mother. It was not so. He was speaking with another high-ranking Space Pirate, recently rebuilt after her destruction at the hands of Samus Aran; Mother Brain. "I completely understand, Ridley. After all, young Samus is there, we may even be able to convince her this time."
    "You fool! Aran is pathetic, inferior. We shall not have such a weakling on our side! If you have no understanding of that by now, you do not deserve such a high-ranking place in our forces!" Ridley harshly objected.
    "Very well. I shall give up on that, despite Aran having defeated you in your missions many times. One would think you would accept her as strong, even stronger than you by now."
    That alone sent Ridley into a foul mood. "Idiot! I have defeated Aran here! I have her battlesuit in my possession!"
    "...I apologize. I was unaware that you had beaten her. Now, are you ready to begin the operation? All is ready here." Mother Brain replied.
    Calming down a bit, Ridley spoke. "We are ready here. On my command... now! Shut off all your power!"

    He then began on the other line once more. "Aero! Activate the wormhole for the set coordinates!"
    "Right away, Lord Ridley!"

    Now was the moment of truth. Whether the Evil Emperor had been setting him up, or whether he indeed was not lying all rested on this.

    In the middle of space, electricity sparked. It fizzled and crackled, before striking itself and opening a gigantic hole that seemingly served no purpose. Nothing happened for a while... until it came through. Planet Zebes flew through the wormhole, slowed down. Aero's calculations had been correct, Planet Zebes had begun orbiting the sun already in-between planets one and two of the galaxy's planets.

    ((As a sub-area, please may I have 'Tourian'? It is the Space Pirates' main place to live and work, due to the other areas containing very hostile and dangerous creatures. Tourain is mostly made of alien metals, was made by the Space Pirates and is where Mother Brain, the AI who controls Zebes' defenses resides. I can provide a description of Tourain separately than that of the main planet, if needed.))

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