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    Another fight

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    Another fight

    Post by Tally on Sun Aug 14, 2011 1:02 am

    There was something seriously wrong with her. Okay maybe that was being just a little over dramatic, after all who was to say that there was something wrong with her? She had never felt like this before true, but who was to say that how she was feeling wasn't a natural outcome from the things she had done or experienced? Perhaps how she felt now was the perfectly natural reaction to everything.

    But that didn't mean it didn't disturb her any less. Her friends death, and how she felt about it, or should she say not felt about it caused her great alarm. "People die all the time in portal breach." Was the natural thought that came to her mind. "Sonia had it coming, what was to be expected after all?" Was another thought as well. The sheer disregard for life stunned her, and the lack of feeling towards her own friends demise burned in the back of her mind and wouldn't let her sleep at night. Was this really normal? Was this how she was going to feel for the rest of her life? Or was there actually something seriously wrong with her?

    She didn't want to confine within anyone she had emotional purchase in. What if the worst assumption turned out to be correct, the disappointment she would feel in herself would be staggering. Whats more, the possibility of being a danger, or possibly pitied by her own friends for being an emotional screw up....the sheer thought of such events were more painful than she cared to withstand. No she couldn't risking making her condition public if she was indeed fact damaged. Which is probably why she was doing this, it was very hard to find someone who she knew for a fact had killed in the past, had no real emotional attachment to her, and could keep their mouth shut. Which is why her options had been brought down to this, not that it was all together a bad option. Rasa had shown in the past to at least hold some respect for her, which she hoped meant that their conversation would be kept between the two of them only. Besides that Rasa was obviously a skilled soldier, he had fought in wars before and killed before, at least if that was what Tally was to believe.

    All together he was ideal, now if only Tally had had better means as of which to contact him. Alas though, Rasa didn't exactly show up in the yellow pages and an internet search also turned up zero results. Really this was the only way in which Tally knew she could actually contact him. She just hoped that he wouldnt be too upset if talking did occur in their fight.

    Challenger: Tally
    The Challenge: Sparring match.
    Type of Challenge: Dual
    Description: One on one combat, with only melee weapons allowed.

    Recommended Level: N/a
    Reward: To be negotiated.
    Additional Notes: like stated before only melee weapons, knives, swords, ect. No lasers. Meet at the arena.
    Rasa 'Jeqkogoai


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    Re: Another fight

    Post by Rasa 'Jeqkogoai on Thu Aug 18, 2011 11:09 am

    If there was a fight to be had, then Rasa'Jeqkogomee would be there to claim the glory and honor as his own. Like a moth to flame, the warrior was addicted to combat. It was all he knew, all he lived for. To train, to fight, to kill. It was his purpose in this life, and he relished it.

    The day was as common as any other day. He had come to stoop by and read upon the daily combatants, wondering if he would be capable for any. When he spotted a very familiar scrawl in human hand the alien lowered his head down further and read the writing carefully. Five times over, Rasa'Jeqkogomee had memorized all that he had needed to fill his mind and the alien gripped at the awkward writing utensil once again.

    "The Tally, know this." He pressed the tip into the parchment and carved in his name. "Your challenge has been heard and it is accepted. I will fight you and to the glory will go the victor."

    It was set in stone, and the hammer in which they chiseled their fate will not be at rest until their blood marred the arena floor. This, Rasa'Jeqkogomee promised.

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