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    A Test of Demonic Might

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    A Test of Demonic Might

    Post by Prixlezub on Sat Jun 25, 2011 8:49 pm

    Upon returning from the raid against Mr. Dark, the demon prince had rested a while, though not long. Like he had said when he left, there were still things he needed to have done, and getting stronger was one of them. Within the ruins of his fortress, the demon prince thought some about how to make himself stronger, reclining in the large chair that he usually sat in and leaning a meaty arm on the side of it. The demon prince was pondering something, mostly who to fight. The demon had dominated some of the stronger fighters here, except for Zurg, of course. But he was going to fix that soon enough. This time the prince was not thinking of going after Zurg again for a while, as he had enough of dealing with him and his tricks this month. He was thinking of someone more around his caliber, though maybe stronger. Prixlezub had seen a few other demons here, but not much. There was Ninetails, Cailia, Vlad, Xiao Xiao...But they were below his caliber and Ninetails was an ally of his, so she was out of the question as he knew his fighting style could break that.

    No, he needed someone tough, like himself. Someone who could stand up to his attacks and yet still keep fighting. The demon prince gave a low rumble and thought for a moment, going back over his memories here. A certain memory floated up that made his eyes glow a bit brighter, something that just solved his dilemma. The arrest, the fateful day that Prixlezub had faced Hellboy and his police force. The day that Prixlezub was beaten in a battle against the Law. The demon prince had seen how the demon had fought during those few moments where he had his eyesight, and he saw more of the demon fighting while he was in the raid against Dark. Yes, this man would do, or more, demon.

    Getting up from his chair, the demon trotted over to some rubble left over from the fight against the impostor, picking it up and inspecting it before torching it with his breath and shaping it. Soon, the piece of glass was flat and wide, though merely two inches thick. Prixlezub then carefully inscribed a simple runic into the piece of glass before waving a claw over the markings, the words glowing red before displaying some kind of holographic lettering in his native language.

    "Kerrk't freghrr'shrataa hrt'ssk." Prixlezub rumbled, the runes starting to change before displaying common...French? What, he did not ask for french! "Fhreh! English!"

    The runes buzzed some before changing again, this time morphing into the English language, bright red lettering misting about in the air above the runic circle carved into the glass slab:


    It has come to my attention that it is time that we meet each other for a duel. If you are willing to accept, meet me over at the Stadium around noon tomorrow. I will await your arrival.

    Underneath the the English writing, the demon's signature could be made out, in the same glowing letters suspended above the slab.

    After looking over the message, Prixlezub waved his claw over it once more, the letters dimming as he muttered a few more words of demonic to it. Then, he took the message over to Layla, who was reclining in the bedroom upon the bed, resting some after the fight with Dark.

    "Layla." The demon rumbled, nudging the demoness in the shoulder with his grill. "Take this to Hellboy, make sure he receives it in his own hands. The message will not show up if someone else receives it."

    The demoness growled and stretched, taking the black glass in her claws and looking over the runes before getting off the bed and to her feet. From the ways the runes were laid out upon the circle, this was a message rune. Looking to the prince, the demoness nodded before placing the tome carefully in her maw and walking to the front door, or more, the front hole in the wall. Why hadn't the prince fixed that yet? He had the power to do it. Anyway, the demoness gave a small bow to the prince before quickly running out and into the desert, making her way to Hellboy's house to deliver the message. In the morning, the tome would be in the mailbox, the flag up.

    *speak mortal tongue.


    Challenger: Prixlezub
    The Challenge: Red vs...Darker Red
    Type of Challenge: Duel

    Description: Prixlezub will fight Hellboy in a one-on-one match.

    Recommended Level: N/A
    Reward: Levels, Knowledge of one's adversary
    Additional Notes: Spar

    1. Prixlezub
    2. Hellboy

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