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    Sheikah Scrolls

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    Sheikah Scrolls

    Post by Impa on Sun Apr 17, 2011 10:57 pm

    Impa had managed to make her way out of the mall and out of the business district without any trouble, soon finding the city center and the library that she was seeking. The maps she had acquired as well as Keaton's notes were proving to be quite useful already, and not only had she found her present destination, she had also been able to pinpoint various other landmarks and gain more a mental grasp of where generally everything was and how it was connected. At finding the library, Impa studied the large building before entering and proceeding to search for more information about this city, and possibly some idea as to why she had wound up here in the first place.

    Around its impressive architecture, the library had a very general and self-explanatory layout, which soon led Impa to a section of books dedicated entirely to the Breach. Carefully scanning the shelves, she made note of all sorts of titles, including Welcome to Portal City!, History of the Breach, and even The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Breach. As she perused the books, Impa began to pull a few of the copies that really seemed to strike a chord as good candidates for providing the information she was searching for, soon making her way over to a plush armchair so that she could study them.

    For a couple of hours, Impa pored over the relevant books she had found, finding very useful information about the city and somewhat of how people wound up here, but not really anything in the way of describing why she had been brought here. Still, Impa was convinced that virtually everything happened for a reason, and if those strange portals had brought Link as well as herself here, surely there were some reason for her mysterious journey. Satisfied with what she had found for now, Impa stood to return the books to their proper places, contemplating another visit to the library within the next day or so.

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