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    I will take all of you on! (tag: anyone who wants to just fight)

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    I will take all of you on! (tag: anyone who wants to just fight)

    Post by Tally on Wed Apr 13, 2011 10:58 am

    As she left the sanctuary tally had not been able to conceal the maddened look that had taken place in her eyes. Every second of her life for the last few days had made her feel edgy, it was like she was always on step away from a break down or a panic attack. Her heart rate would sky rocket at the smallest things, she couldn't sleep at night because of the nightmares and the paranoia, when she closed her eyes she swore she could here voices whispering to her from under her bed, from in her closet, outside her window.

    Boogeymen aside, tally just felt antsy, like she was waiting for something to happen. She wanted something to happen, maybe then she'd be able to sleep at night. After she had torn something apart, broke somethings bones. A shiver that was sweet as cherry syrup went through her, inwardly she swore at herself. She knew she was under the influence of Mr. Dark. But damn, just, damn, she wanted to hurt something. She wanted to be able to get rid of everything that annoyed her, that made her life difficult.

    Several individuals came to mind and a maddened grin spread wide across her face. Tally turned down the alleyway, she knew someone would be down there, she knew somewhere in this city someone was waiting up like her, waiting to be given a reason to let go and embrace their blood lust. All it was was a matter of finding them now.

    "come out come out wherever you are~"

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