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    The Olympic Stadium

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    The Olympic Stadium

    Post by ISOs on Mon Apr 11, 2011 8:04 am


    The large and ever classic stadium that people constantly use for sparring and fighting sessions. There are also, though rarely, sports events at times, but it's mostly used as a grounds for sparring. It is large and upkept, the area fixed and cleaned after every fight. Amongst the lighting fixtures that accommodate those who wish to be flashier in their fights, there are also columns that can be seen at every corner of the place. The seats in the stadium are comfy and perfect for long sittings, allowing one to feel at ease as they watch the events. It is a roomy place and can house even the largest of beasts and creatures. It has an option to change the ground from a grassy field to a dirt patch, depending on what would better fit the situation if people so wish.

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