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    The Sewers

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    The Sewers

    Post by ISOs on 4/11/2011, 04:35


    The infamous sewers. No clowns down here, just a lot of disgusting sludge and water, along with a few nasty worm-creatures and other creepy crawly monsters. There's really nothing to state about it, other than the obvious reason it's there. For those who are interested in making it a temporary home, it's best you didn't. There are strange and deranged monsters that lurk, calling this place their own home, and are willing to kill anything that steps in their territory. It's best to leave this place be unless you're feeling daring.

    For a map layout to those who are foolish enough to enter, you can find one here. It is a sample, of course, as the sewers connect to every place it can, but that's just a glimpse, used during an event.

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