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    The Library

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    The Library

    Post by ISOs on 4/11/2011, 04:13


    You see that image there? It does no good showing off the size of this IMMENSE building. Possibly one of, if not, the largest facilities on the Breach, it is the dream of scholars and would take an undetermined amount of lifetimes of an immortal being to read every book in this immense building that houses knowledge. This building holds not only books from and about the Breach, but everything universe that exists amongst the various galaxies and universes. You can look up anything in this place. It would take nearly two hours to reach not even half way through the building. It's seriously huge.

    And as stated, you can look up nearly everyone and everything from any place in this library... so long as the person, item, thing, etc... had information to begin with in their homeworld. Most things that are classified are in a secret area of the library and require special actions to be taken in order to get in by civilians, such as permission from a Portal Deity or someone of equal rank. Those who are regarded as veterans or important civilians must go through a scanning and signing in order to get in, along with police officers. This is the personal information of some of the citizens, after all!

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