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    Best combo room ever! (supplies)

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    Best combo room ever! (supplies)

    Post by Prixlezub on Thu Mar 24, 2011 11:35 pm

    Once again, a trek through the sands was made. The demon prince trudged through the sands, his mane flickering about in the wind. Airborne sand battered the demon's hide relentlessly, a small nostalgic grin spreading on his face. Ah, just like the wastes back in hell, they were. However, the demon's trip soon came to an end, as over the horizon, the tech-dome loomed. The demon raided this place many times before, mainly for the ore needed to make bricks for his construction purposes. Today, however, the demon would be raiding more than just ore. He now required a few extra things for his new chamber. The torture devices would need cables and spikes. The traps that the demon planned for the arena as well would require a few rotary saws, maybe a few things for some pyrotechnic works as well. Either way, the demon was going to put a ton of effort into this little chamber of his.

    The demon prince lumbered forth into the dome, looking about the place for some materials. Dust and sand that had blown in behind him swirled about in the air, settling on a few components. While his mane illuminated a good portion of the place, the demon wanted a little more light to see what he was looking at. After all, when searching for materials and components, one would like to see every detail of them. Prixlezub flared his headlamps-like eyes, a warm beam of light emanating forth and illuminating the piles of scrap around him. Of course, the first thing to do would be to find a container to hold everything. So, the demon first searched for a large bin. The prince's eyes soon illuminated a large metallic bin after some searching around. Prixlezub carefully picked it up in his jaws and set it upon a conveyor belt for future use. For now, the demon had to look for the materials.

    A few stray pieces of metal burned under the demon's feet as he searched for a strong enough ore to build his chamber. Piles of scrap were overturned as the demon sniffed around for Titanium, personally hoping that it was not exhausted here. After a few minutes of rooting around, the demon found a suitable pile of the stuff in a corner. The piles of the metal slabs towered a few stories, nearly reaching the top of the dome. Now that the demon found his ore, all he had to do was add it to the bin. Prixlezub trotted back to the conveyor belt, picking up the large bin in his jaws and returned to the pile of ore. The demon's eyes roved over the pile, thinking of a way to get it a good majority of it without toppling the whole thing. The prince rumbled in thought for a few moments, letting the bin drop to his feet so it would not melt in his maw.

    After a few minutes of going over strategies, the demon concluded that he would indeed have to topple the stack of ore. So, with a powerful slap from his tail, the pile toppled with a loud crash. Ore fell about everywhere, making it easily accessible for the demon. Red-hot claws filled the bin with Titanium ore, making sure not to misplace a single slab. When everything was placed in the bin, it was overflowing with neatly stacked and positioned slabs of metal, each one arrange to ensure the bin was used to maximum carrying capacity. Ah, yes, this was going to take a ton of metal to build. So much, in fact, that the demon would need to use a second bin.

    Prixlezub stalked around for more bins, finding a pile of three at the end of a conveyor belt. How convenient. Of course, the demon took advantage of this and carried all three to the ore site, utilizing a bin for a second bin-full of ore. The other two would be used for trap and torture components. Prixlezub hefted the two ore-filled bins atop his horns, cradling them in the cruelly tipped tines. The demon could not find any chains to make use of, so this would have to do. The two other bins were carried in his maw as he looked about, searching for saw-blades and the like. A few minutes of looking about later, the demon came upon a few discarded saw blades and rotary engine components. Mostly pulleys, fly-belts and other small things that the demon hardly even knew. Just because he devoured cars and machines, did not mean he knew how they worked because of it. However, the demon was handy in useful magics, so he could put the machinations together with his own intuition. They would not run like a normal contraption would, but it would work.

    Prixlezub scooped the components into the barrels, hardly filling them with the meager selection of things here. However, there were parts like these scattered everywhere. Perhaps his hunt would be fruitful after all. The prince hunted around the tech-dome, scooping up any component that seemed useful to him. Modern machinations were a puzzle to him, but primitive traps were something that he had dabbled in during his visits to the mortal world. After all, with having an endless life-span, he could play any role he desired. The demon took up a few rolls of cable into the bins, all to be cut into sections for later use. The demon scooped up more lethal odds and ends into the bins, taking in a few more saw blades and even some sharp ends of piping. While one would seem a torture chamber needed a rack and such, the demon was more for making his victims bleed out their information.

    After an hour of hunting around, the demon finally filled all the bins with the components he needed. The prince turned about in the dome, making sure not to spill his bins full of spoils. Then he promptly made his way out of the tech-dome, cantering across the sands and back towards his fortress. The designs for his new chamber burning clearly in his mind.

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