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    About Afterlife Club


    About Afterlife Club

    Post by Guest on Sun Feb 27, 2011 10:08 am

    tonight's main attraction has arrived

        The Afterlife Club is a nightclub located in the seedier parts of Portal City. It is comprised of three floors, featuring a large circular bar with asari dancers performing atop the center
        . The second floorfeatures a large circular opening in the center, above which more asari dancers perform on a large ring suspended from the ceiling and surrounding a large
        purple holographic cylinder that extends all the wayto the ceiling.

        Around the outer edge of this floor is an elevated section with holographic images along the wall and booths in which most patrons of the club spend their time. At the back is a private
        and well-guarded lounge from which Aria T'Loak, the owner of Afterlife, observes. The third floor consists of a balcony circling the entire edge of the club featuring flaming torches on
        the outer edge and provides a complete view down to the second floor.

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