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    The Palace of Winds



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    The Palace of Winds

    Post by Vaati on Sat Jan 15, 2011 1:09 am

    High in the sky, shrouded in enchanted clouds, floats a palace of stone. The Palace of Winds.

    Theme Music

    The front entrance of the Palace of Winds:

    Just inside is a large room:

    Straight ahead stands a large, stone door. On the door is a stone eye. The door will open for guests, but intruders cannot penetrate it unless they retrieve the key hidden deep within the Palace. Beyond the stone door, if you pass it, is a corridor:

    At the end of the corridor is Vaati's throne room:

    The rest of the Palace is a maze, filled with monsters and traps, designed to confused and, preferably, kill intruders:

    The stained glass windows look like this:

    Standing about the castle are various statues of a single-eyed, horned monster:

    Also, many of the walls and all the doors have stone eyes carved on them. The eyes are enchanted, and work like security cameras. Some of them even fire lasers at unwelcome guests:

    There are living areas, though, and the inhabitants of the Palace have their own bedrooms:

    <-- The Palace's kitchen.

    Hidden deep within the palace is a room that holds the Dark Mirror, a device that had historically been used to seal away a Dark Tribe. The Dark Mirror had not yet been used in Vaati's time, but it was pulled from the distant future of Hyrule along with the Palace of Winds, and was subsequently stored inside of it.

    Monsters that might be roaming about the Palace of Winds:

    Antifairies: (These enemies don't do damage, but will make you unable to attack for x# of turns)

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