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    Some Additions (MOAR supplies)

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    Some Additions (MOAR supplies)

    Post by Prixlezub on Sat Jan 15, 2011 12:31 am


    The demon returned to the Tech-Dome once again for supplies, more specifically ore for the wall he was building. He knew there would not be much titanium left over after his raid of the bin he found. So the prince decided to look for a lesser hard ore. Prixlezub sniffed the air, looking to pick out the scent of a steel or iron of some kind. A few sniffs of the air informed him of some nearby iron ore, the prince immediately following the scent to a pile of metal in the corner of the Tech-Dome.

    Prixlezub grinned through the bin in his mouth, setting it down on it's side. The demon started raking the pile of ore into the bin, taking about half of it before the bin filled. The prince then looped the cables over his horns and lifted the ore-laden bin from the ground after tipping it back up. Some small bits of ore spilled over the edge, but it would not matter. There was enough in the large bin to create many bricks for the wall. Perhaps even make more than one huge wall for his fortress.

    Once the bin was secure on his horns, the demon quickly trotted out. He felt very sure this time he had everything he needed. There would be no more material runs after this.


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