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    Some Additions (getting supplies)

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    Some Additions (getting supplies)

    Post by Prixlezub on Tue Jan 11, 2011 10:24 pm


    The trek to the Tech-Dome was, like always, a long one. However, the demon prince hardly felt any fatigue from the long journey. A little perk of being a demonic entity, or course. The gates into the abandoned complex were forcefully pushed open by large metal horns, the old hinges creaking loudly from long years of neglect. The demon lumbered about the abandoned facility, looking for materials for his home. Once again, tempered titanium was needed for the building of the room itself, while some kind of red pigment was needed for tinting the glass.

    The demon waded through the piles of metal and parts, being careful of where he stepped to avoid melting anything that might be important. Yes, shifting to his human form would be more efficient, but the demon needed strength that the human form lacked for when he needed to haul the materials back. Prixlezub cautiously stepped about the cluttered building, scanning around for anything that could be of use, the titanium especially. It would be needed for the framework of the room and the bricks, the rest would be made out of natural glass. That would be easy to make, seeing as he was his own furnace.

    After about twenty minutes of stepping around, he found a good sized pile of Titanium. It looked similar to the large bin of metal he had found when he first came to find building supplies for the fortress. However, the chains that he used last time for carrying the supplies back were missing. The demon would have to find another way to carry the materials back home. Prixlezub looked about the dome again, stepping around the parts and metal plating strewn about the place. After a few minutes of searching, the demon came upon a large, thick cable. It seemed long enough to wrap around his horns and the bin so he could carry it home. The cable was carefully picked up in the demon's jaws, being sure to touch the metal rope with only his teeth and not letting it come in contact with his magma filled maw. A few careful steps later, the demon returned to the bin, holding the ends of the cables against the sides of it and welding them together with a few controlled blasts of fire.

    After the careful procedure, the demon wrapped his horns up in the loose cables. He pulled experimentally to make sure the ends were welded on properly before fulling lifting the bin from the floor. The cables groaned in protest against the weight they were carrying, but still held strongly. Prixlezub turned and carefully stepped his way through the dome and out of the gates again, loping back home with his find. The bin swung gently between his horns, almost like a cradle.

    He would go elsewhere for the pigments.

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