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    Following up leads (open to anyone)



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    Following up leads (open to anyone)

    Post by Leo on Sat Nov 06, 2010 6:21 pm

    Out on the dance floor the lights were dizzying, the music was ear numbing, and the sway and smell of bodies was mindblocking and intoxicating. As the spirit of the crowd moved into you it was almost as if breathing in bubbly champagne, you could practically feel little bubbles of excitement tickle your lungs and wipe your thoughts away. Making you give yourself to the music.

    Well, at least that was how it was for most people. But when on the job one had to be always aware. One could never stray, never lose focus, even when giving the impression of being normal one had to be as sharp as a tack.

    Which leo had developed quite the skill in pulling off, years of practice and undercover work came in handy after all.

    Alright where is he?

    Leo asked himself as he continued to sway and dance to the music. The lead he was suppose to be tracking had yet to show up, though the source had sworn that they would be here tonight.

    A body on his right came very close to brushing up against him and leo made a very natural sway to the left to avoid the contact. Even as a young man he had never been much for bumping and grinding, and the feeling of bodies all over him made him clostraphobic.

    "Show up you bastard"

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