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    Some Time Off (Tag: Mr. Stark)

    Jo Pistonne


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    Some Time Off (Tag: Mr. Stark)

    Post by Jo Pistonne on Fri Jul 09, 2010 3:29 am

    "Greetings, Creator-Josephine," a metallic-sounding voice greeted Jo once she entered her workspace at Stark Corps. "How did you sleep?"

    "Morning, Proxy," she said, shrugging off her bag and tossing it on the counter.

    After she had installed the basic personality chip in him that she had procured from Swindle, his company had become far more pleasant and less machine-like, though it had been no initial fault of his. Proxy was Jo's pride and joy, having first been constructed entirely out of scrap metal; now a glistening blue-coated robot that still retained characteristics from its initial form despite having an entirely new body thanks to the materials she had been given by Stark, her employer. A fabulously rick and wealthy man, though rather flippant in his production orders, she'd noticed.

    She collapsed into one of the seats and leaned back, closing her eyes and propping her feet on the table. "Cosmos, I slept like a log. It's been a while since I had such a good night's sleep..."

    Proxy's single eye winked as it focused upon her. "Is it because of--?"

    "Yeah, the heatwave finally ended," Jo cut in with a loud sigh of relief. "It had a nice, cool breeze last night so I opened the windows to get some fresh air."

    "...Yes. I can understand why you would have rested well." The blue robot leaned forwards into a deeper crouch. "But I detect fluctuations in your voice pattern. You sound... pleased, yet slightly perturbed."

    "Oh, well, funny you should say so." Jo sat up straighter in her chair, adjusting her loose overall straps. "Have you seen Mr. Stark around at all?"

    "I do believe I heard him stirring a few hours ago." Proxy tittered then, the metallic-sounding laugh deep and clipped. "He has a hangover," he explained. "Forgive me if I still fail to comprehend why organics tend to be masochistic and consume liberal amounts of alcohol fully aware of the consequences that will follow the next day..."

    "Proxy, that's something not even I know the answer to," she chuckled, easing her elbows onto the counter. "But tell me, what've you been up to away from me? Are you adjusting well to the chip or are you having any difficulties?"

    "Your concern touches me, Creator-Josephine, but I assure you that I am fine," Proxy replied. "I am adjusting well... I think. And I... have been reading."

    "Ooh, take a trip down to the library already? I still haven't gone there..." She drew her bag to her and began to rummage around for some schematics she'd drawn up the other day.

    "I simply downloaded several books that were of interest to what I was seeking."

    "What were you looking for?"

    There was a pause, and it made Jo raise her head, quirking a brow at him curiously. Proxy made a small whirring sound--the equivalent of an organic's sound of discomfort, perhaps?--as he tapped two fingers together.

    "Information about... one's purpose in life. Goals. Meaning..." he finally replied hesitantly, as if wary of her reaction.

    Jo put down her tool-belt and sat back in her seat. "Those're big questions." She chuckled a bit nervously, scratching her head. "And I don't think the rest of us even know the answer to them..." She tilted her head and grinned at him. "Did you at least find something that kind of answered your question?"

    Proxy sighed. "No... whatever answers were given were quite confusing. I think I'll need more time to process what I have already found before I move on."

    "Take all the time you need. We've got all the time in the world, after all..." She strapped on her tool-belt with a sharp snap. "And speaking of time, I need to find Mr. Stark and ask him for a few weeks off. Do you know where I can find him?"

    Proxy's eye blinked again. "You wish to take a vacation?"

    "Yeah, you know, kick back and relax, enjoy the sun, maybe do some sight-seeing... I think it'd do me some good to get away from things for a bit. I've been out of it a lot lately."

    "Surely you will not go alone?"

    "Haven't decided yet." She half-shrugged. "I just want to get a breather, after all. Don't really need company for that."

    Proxy was silent for another few moments, then started doing several whirring and clicking sounds. It seemed to be a habit of his to do those sounds, and Jo had to admit they were kind of cute.

    "...I last saw him in the lounge," he finally said. "I believe Miss Potts was going to get him some painkillers."

    "Great! Thanks, Proxy!" She jumped out of her seat. "I'll go tell him about taking some time off and be right back, 'cause we've got work to do!"

    "...Of course," he said, watching her exit the with his single eye.

    He stared at the doors for a long time before turning back to the workbench. "Of course..."

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