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    Preparations for the Battle

    Jo Pistonne


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    Preparations for the Battle

    Post by Jo Pistonne on Thu May 13, 2010 6:01 pm

    Yes, this place would do nicely. Very nicely.

    Rolling up her sleeves, Jo set off into the rocky terrain, inspecting all the scrap heaps for suitable pieces for the robot she was to construct. Nothing seemed to be large enough for quite what she had in mind, but that didn't matter. She would make do with what she could. After all, there was always duct tape. Duct tape solved everything.

    Dragging all the pieces she had in mind into one large pile, she hoisted her pants up and drew out the longest pieces, placing them upon the ground in place of limbs. Then, she dragged the rest of the pieces together, slightly thicker and oblong, all of varying shapes and sizes, to make up the rest of the body parts. She stepped back for a moment to pause and admire her handiwork. Now that she had the basic skeleton of the robot ready she could get down to some real work.

    She pulled out her drill and fashioned joints, then bolted the pieces together. Afterwards, she hollowed out the chest cavity, placing a discarded battery core as a power source and a micro-controller that she would have to rewire manually inside it. She then drew out her cable crimper, attacking the mangled cables with deft fingers to expose the fine wires within, then traded the crimper for a wire cutter, snipping and clipping off unnecessary bits before twining the colored wires amongst themselves in the proper order. She took out a pair of pliers and inserted the wire ends through a jack using one hand, while she pulled out her screwdriver with the other to secure them in place. Once she was done, she tightened the clamps, then paused to admire her handiwork.

    Now, all she had to do would be to rewire all the pieces together, following the same method as before. Thus it was that she alternated between her cable crimper and wire cutter, occasionally adding a screwdriver and a wrench into the mix, then affixed the limbs to the main body with bolts and claps, and a pulley for one arm.

    And then... all she had to do was place her ingenious invention in the robot, and it would be complete. Drawing out a small, seemingly-insignificant piece from her pocket, she affixed it to the robot's chest cavity, then snapped it shut. She complimented the robot with duct tape to strengthen the joints, then twined the last two remaining wires together.

    The robot spasmed and shuddered, and she stepped back as it slowly lurched to its feet with a mechanical whir. Its large arms made the ground shake when it braced itself and stood up, slightly hunched forwards, its sole eye blinking with a steady blue light as it focused its gaze upon her.

    Jo grinned and crossed her arms over her chest. Yes. This would do nicely. Very nicely.

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