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    Infected ((Tag: Hellboy, Liz, BLU Scout, Zurg, and maybe Xenon and Lightyear))

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    Re: Infected ((Tag: Hellboy, Liz, BLU Scout, Zurg, and maybe Xenon and Lightyear))

    Post by [INACT.] Alex on Sat Jan 16, 2010 11:48 pm

    the sound had picked the boy's attention and he had seen everything from the second floor's window.

    the sight of this was simply horrible.he did not know how to react; he just froze at it... seeing the gigantic red creature limp on the ground and despiting how far he was, he could hear this silence... simply unbearable...

    this wasn't a moment to cheer up about and that even if the purple alien appeared still breathing... or at least appeared so. Scout thought about Liz, about everyone.... He was about to come down the stairs, hoping he could be of any help to any of them

    - crack-

    his knees flinched, a stinging and overwhelming pain took over his body. Scout felt sick, He just sat on the floor, unable to move anymore and holding his head. He thought it was going to explode...

    he had this feeling before... "s-shit" the pain slowly faded to be tolerable. Not again, please... He hit the floor, grunting in rage. it wasn't the time... not here! not now! Liz as just lost her husband, he was DEAD! Zurg was near to follow him... their whole team was devastated; either mentally or physically.

    he fought it as much as he could, keeping his feet on earth.

    a ringing siren covered The dreadful laments; the whole area flashing in red and white blinding flashes. good for them that the horde in this area had been all destroyed-- nothing has been attracted by the rescue vehicles and the helicopter, mans in bulletproof suits stepped out, armed with guns and flash lights.

    none of them were human... they were zombies only were a different type; they all had a strangely familiar pale blue skin. They asked several questions to the conscious survivors , mostly questions about strange symptoms and if they had any kind of contacts with the infected. treating any kind of cuts and wounds, giving blankets and offering hot drinks while some others took The still breathing Alien on a stretcher, he needed medical attention and fast. They kindly asked everyone to come in the vehicles, none could be enough careful about a genocide.

    they would all have a nice trip to the hospital, at least for blood analyses.

    Scout was finally found , they had needed three of the officers to take care of him. After a long moment the three of them came back holding the boy, they had to use tranquilizer on him or else he would have struggled and maybe killed one of them with his new claws. They had put him in a special straight jacket and placed into one of the cars.

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    [INACT.] Xenon
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    Re: Infected ((Tag: Hellboy, Liz, BLU Scout, Zurg, and maybe Xenon and Lightyear))

    Post by [INACT.] Xenon on Sun Jan 17, 2010 10:31 am

    Without thinking, Xenon ran over to Zurg's side. She coudn't even remember when she started to bolt away from Liz, or with Liz crawling beside her towards the same location--it was a blur of movement, motion, and tears.

    She stood there, transfixed as she glanced down on Hellboy's deceased form. He...he...he would never eat pancakes again. For some reason this opened her heart to the sorrow that was losing him, but she should have felt that saddness from the moment he was infected. The moment the old Hellboy was gone.

    Now seeing Liz curled up beside her fallen husband, she felt a terrible wave of guilt wash over her from before. At least they knew Zurg would probably survive---the only outcome for Hellboy was death, and to think she was so very rude to Liz.

    The universe loved its cruel jokes.

    Before Xenon could berate herself for acting like such a...such a...oh what's a big enough insult DARKMATTER, Zurg teetered on the balls of his heels, his eyes rolling back into his head as he crumpled to the ground due to protect his mind from the murder he had committed.
    "Zurg," her voice was caked with pain for Hellboy's demise, Liz's loss, and Zurg's shattered mental and physical state. She kneeled down beside him and checked his vital signs---they were still active for now.

    Who to turn to...who to console...the heartbroken Liz....or the battered emperor?

    As help was on the way, with doctors of some blue-skinned nature but not Tangeans were creeping towards them, she held Zurg's hand and remained by his side. Hopefully at least subconsciously he knew he was never abandoned. Yet she could not help but feel an odd sense of betrayal towards Liz. Maybe that woman needed her more.

    Oh such is the fate of those stricken with grief tenfold.

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