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Samba Heartlands

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Samba Heartlands (General)

Lush, verdant, and filled with diverse wildlife, these gently rolling plains are warm and temperate. The vast fields are quiet and tranquil, with gentle breezes and beautiful flowers. The area is perfect for picnics and games, and suitable even for combat training if citizens so desire.

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Cordelia Lake

Clean and sparkling, this wide lake rests between the Grasslands and the Forest. Its crystal-clear waters house a large variety of aquatic life; other fauna, as well as a growing community established by the lake, make use of the area as well.

Other Areas

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Gunderson Acres

An otherwise unassuming patch of farmland located smack-dab in the countryside, Gunderson Acres is not much to look at. It's best to pass on down the nearby dirt road and continue your adventures elsewhere, travelers...

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Lovers' Meadow

A quaint, cozy little cottage with its back to the woods and face to a serene meadow in front. A creek runs nearby, making it the perfect home for Leslie O'Rinn and her Kryptonistanian friend.

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