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Oceanic Server

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Analog Sea (General)

The vibrant blue waves of the open sea, its depths brimming with exotic marine life, beckon to travelers with the promise of secrets hidden beneath the waters. Perhaps explorers will be rewarded with something worthwhile.

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12315Song of the Sea
Tue Jan 26, 2016 9:44 pm
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Hazama's Underwater Lair

What was once the base of a skilled inventor is now a base of despair.

1169Encroaching Darkness...
Tue Nov 17, 2015 10:28 am
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New Avalon

A rebuilt kingdom now half in everlasting twilight, a strange, small city now sits, filled with walking dreams and sometimes terrifying plants and architecture, as if the whole land was hungry...

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19348Across the Briny Wav...
Fri Jun 17, 2016 10:52 pm
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